Waitresses Big Tips

  Snec 11:12 02 Jun 2010

A study carried out in the USA by Dr Michael Lynn of Cornell University has revealed that good looking waitresses with nice figures get bigger tips than the less striking ones.

I think anyone could have told him this. As someone who has, in the course of my job, spent many hours in hotels and restaurants over the years this comes as no surprise but I’d wager even someone who rarely eats out would have guessed this one.

At least this time it was not the British taxpayers money being wasted.

I’ll let you into a little secret – 30 years ago in a restaurant in Spalding, Lincolnshire, the waitress serving me was so beautiful I nearly fell out my chair. I know that I’ve sometimes been guilty of little restraint or self-control and this time it was no different.

Eighteen months later we were married. Oh, and we still are.

  jakimo 11:17 02 Jun 2010

I trust there was not a spelling mistake in your leader

  wee eddie 12:22 02 Jun 2010

or they'll try to Tax, Waitresses, on the basis of their appearance.

  mr simon 17:22 02 Jun 2010

And have to work twice as hard as the girls to match their tips. No sense in moaning though, in the grand scheme of things it is the male gender that fares better on the income front.

  john 52 19:25 02 Jun 2010

mr simon

Can you tell if a customer is the type who will leave a tip or is it just pot luck !! does good service really play any part in the tipping process !! what percentage of the bill do people tip ?? do regular customers tend to leave a tip rather than people who may just call in as they in the area ??
I thought most restaurants operate a trunk system were the tips are shared out ???

  mr simon 19:39 02 Jun 2010

I don't mean to pigeon-hole people, but yes, it is usually easy to tell the sort of people who will leave a tip.

For example, I've never had a business person eating alone leave a tip, even if they are given perfect service (this with over 2000 hours serving). Also familys, particularly ones with young children, rarely tip, but always make the most mess!

Couples, especially older ones, and even more especially, older women, are usually the most generous. Large parties are also generous, especially if you have an entertaining personality and don't kill off the mood every time you go to their table.

I've never had a table that I've taken a group photo for not leave a tip. Do people feel obliged to tip after having their photo taken? Anyway, I always make a point to ask whenever I see a camera out :)

  wee eddie 19:52 02 Jun 2010

It's called 'tronc'. It is a system which the tips are shared by all the Staff.

At the end of each week, every member of Staff is alloted a number of Points, based on their Seniority and the number of hours they have worked. These points are then added up, the total Tronc is then divided by that figure. This gives the value of a Point. You then receive whatever your number of Points entitles you too.

Frequently, the Owners include themselves in this equation as part of the Management Team

Many restaurateurs keep the tips that you pay on your credit card, take a percentage, or don't pass the whole sum into the Tronc.

Of course The Department of Revenue and Customs takes it's share of this and NI is levied on it as well.

If you wish your Waiter/ess to keep his, or her, Tip. Give it too them personally quietly (preferably so that no one else can see) and in cash.

I have run my own Restaurant for the last 25 years and I find the behaviour of some Companies immoral and unacceptable.

Once, in a Restaurant in Hammersmith, I think is was "The Blue Elephant" I tried to give a tip to the charming couple that served us. They asked that I be very careful, for, if they were seen to accept a Tip, they would be sent home to Thailand!

  wee eddie 20:10 02 Jun 2010

I once took on a Waitress, who had just left one of the more successful local hotels.

At the end of her first evening, she handed me her Tips and I handed them back to her, telling her to see the other girls. My Front House shared their Tips, equally, on a daily basis, depending only on the hours worked.

The following evening she told me that she had earned more tips, in her first evening session with us, than she had in a 40 hour week at her previous job, where she had served more customers than at the Stables (that was us)as it was a very busy Hotel. At a very rough guess, the Owners must have been filtering about 60%of the Tips into their own pocket.

  Bingalau 21:51 02 Jun 2010

When I ran a rather large public house, the bar staff always put the tips in a glass and shared them out at the end of each and every session. That way it didn't matter if the pretty one or the busty one got more than the others who probably worked just as hard or harder. Mind you there were some crafty bar staff and who's to say it all went in to the glass in the first place?

Now I am on the other side of the bar and I always give a good tip to the staff, it pays off next time you want serving quickly.

  PalaeoBill 22:31 02 Jun 2010

Having worked in large hotel during my student days, I do as wee eddie suggests and put cash quietly and discretely into the hand of the one that served me. It is then up to them what happens to it.
As an IT contractor, I travelled the country and regularly ate alone. If the service was good or even just passable I tipped; invariably the waiter/waitress would be the same one working the residents bar later and serving breakfast in the morning. It was in my best interest to keep them sweet if just to get some conversation. I'm surprised at Mr Simon's experience. Perhaps it only those of us who have been there that understand the need.

  Quickbeam 00:39 03 Jun 2010

Waitresses Big Tips, I misread it at first...

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