waiting for smarttargetting.com.....

  Seth Haniel 12:47 13 Aug 2008

any one else getting this annoying 'wait' before the Forum pops up :(

  Covergirl 12:49 13 Aug 2008

Not at the moment . . .

  Seth Haniel 13:26 13 Aug 2008

Maybe you don't have other more important things to be multitasking with at the same time.

Afraid the Forum has to wait in these circumstances ;(

  Kemistri 14:12 13 Aug 2008

Do you use Firefox, Seth? This sounds like the sort of thing that could be reduced by tweaking some of the about:config settings that centre around network connections, pipelining, etc. There is one, for instance, that lets the browser get on with making its next requests without having to wait for a response to the previous requests. I'm not an expert in the about:config stuff, but I've had good results from recent tweaking.

  josie mayhem 22:09 13 Aug 2008

I'm getting this with E7 so it's not an FireFox problem... Yesterday it did stop me froma accessing the forums, today it isn't stopping the flow while I'm nevigating around but it is permently saying waiting for smarttargeting.com in the bottom left hand corner of my browser!

By the way what is smarttargeting.com all about?

  Kemistri 22:49 13 Aug 2008

Josie, I didn't suggest that it was a Firefox problem; I'm saying that you would need to use FF if you want that to make those kinds of tweaks.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:55 13 Aug 2008

Rather than mess with about:config, would the RIP addon not work?

I've not used it in a while and don't recall if it merely stops display to the screen or stops the request to the server

  Kemistri 00:01 14 Aug 2008

I had to look that up to find out what it is, but if you mean Remove It Permanently, that seems to be a content blocker a bit like AdBlock but aimed at any website content. So no, I don't see how that would work. Going by Seth Haniel's description, it's a case of waiting around for something (probably a response) to occur.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:07 14 Aug 2008

Um, yeah, The ads are on a separate server, it's that which is causing the delay (depending on your definition of content blocker, this could be the fix).

As I say, I don't recall if RIP stops therequest or is just for display purposes

  Kemistri 00:11 14 Aug 2008

I think it would just block the content, like AdBlock does. I think the requests and responses still happen, but the resulting content is filtered out. No loss in trying it though.

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