Waiting in Line for a Product Launch

  Menzie 18:52 03 Nov 2017

I've never understood it when people camp outside of a store or business eager to get their hands on something.

The latest iPhone launched and there were people lining up outside the store from yesterday.

This has been something that has happened with various tech devices, movies and more in the past. I remember people staying out all night for Windows 98.

Has anyone here ever done that? Perhaps you can shed some light on why.

I've never had any problems going into a store or online and buying something so far at my leisure, no matter how heavy the marketing or hype. Perhaps I have been fortunate?

  rickf 12:29 04 Nov 2017

I am not that crazy!

  qwbos 12:46 04 Nov 2017

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I can remember enjoying that back in the 50s, and it's something, as the underlying message became increasingly relevant, that I've recommended as essential listening to many people over the past twenty years or so.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:21 04 Nov 2017


I wonder if people are getting more gullible (society dumbing down) especially with all the on line scams.

or are companies and advertisers just getting better at foisting of rubbish we don't need and can't afford as mention earlier. I can't believe people fall for the short term borrowing ads that are on at the moment when you see the extortionate APR just to get the latest gadget.

  qwbos 14:25 04 Nov 2017

Fruit Bat /\0/\

The exploitation of the "must haves", if, indeed it is exploitation, makes excellent marketing sense, or does till the market reaches saturation.

Take cars. More people than ever are driving around in cars they can't afford and, in many cases, shouldn't have, due to cheap lease deals. And it now seems that many are crying foul because they supposedly didn't understand what they were signing, and feel hard done by when they find the true cost of leasing when the car's either damaged or they want to change to a smaller model as they can no longer afford the payments.

So there could be another PPI style farce, where shed loads of money (yours and mine) gets handed out to people who claim they didn't know what they were signing, so were mis-sold. What a load of cobblers. If you don't understand, ask somebody who does, or walk away.

So whether people are more gullible, or just more cynical, I'm not sure. In terms of intelligence, I reckon the population is getting dumber, though maybe more cunning, in that they know how to play the various systems - whether it be avoiding paying for things, or claiming benefits they're not entitled to.

  john bunyan 14:45 04 Nov 2017

Some gullible (or rich) folk may pay £2800 for new iPhone!

i phone

  Menzie 15:04 04 Nov 2017

Someone was on the news claiming foul as they had bought a fake iPhone. Alarm bells didn't go off that someone was selling it before launch and at a discount.

So they purchased it after meeting them somewhere, took it home and turned it on. The screen wasn't very good and the software wasn't official.

They had paid $850 for a fake.

I'm one of those not in a hurry to adopt new technology any more. My gaming PC is several years old, and I waited three years before getting the current consoles.

My car is new and I'm expecting a recall down the line. Nothing has cropped up as yet but it is an all-new model so something will need replacing.

I've never waited in line however for a product launch. Things that were sold out I've managed to somehow get. When the Nintendo Wii was sold out everywhere I casually walked into two shops in my area which had it. Likewise with the recently released Sonic Mania. It was sold out everywhere and on eBay for inflated prices. I walked into my local store and they had a few left. So I got the game after launch without paying any additional cost.

Early adopters are definitely good for the industry as they test the waters and verify the fixes made.

My mobile provider called me saying I'm eligible for an upgrade. They offered me the Google Pixel 2 which I declined and said I'll hold on to my Moto G4 Plus. Shortly after I read about screen issues and odd noises from the early adopters. I can wait, my current phone still works.

  BT 09:42 05 Nov 2017

My car is new and I'm expecting a recall down the line. Nothing has cropped up as yet but it is an all-new model so something will need replacing.

My car is 8 years old and I had a recall recently to replace possible faulty airbags.

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