Waiting In !!!

  spuds 11:39 17 Dec 2009

Is it becoming more noticable that 'Waiting In' is the norm of life?.

You wait in for a tradesman to call, and they either do not, or possibly provide a belated excuse.

You contact your local hospital direct telephone contact point, then find that its an answer machine, and nobody phones you back. So you have to make contact another way. They seem to mention an out of hours answer machine, but nothing about normal working hours contact!.

The courier company who provides a 'slot service', yet the driver as far to much to do in the 'logistics time' provided, so the item arrives far later than expected, or the driver leave a 'We called, but yoy where not in' card, yet your saw the driver deliver the card, and was not holding the delivery item.

The list can and usually is endless, but can there be room for improvements, or do we have to accept what we receive, even though we might be paying more for the service or activity wanted or required?.

  cycoze 12:47 17 Dec 2009

Always room for improvement!

I ordered a Washing Machine from Pixmania, the site said approx 5 days for delivery but expect an email the next day to confirm, the email arrived and gave a time of 12:30 on the Wednesday, at midday my Wife had a phone call from the delivery driver to say he would be there in 20 minutes, he was, brilliant service, oddly enough it was delivered by Currys who had said a 16 day deliver wait and the machine was £30 more.

This week, I was due a call from an engineer yesterday, was told any time between 7am and 9pm! a little to open.

Sat here now waiting for a delivery, due another tomorrow and one on Monday, everything was ordered the same time from the same company, so as above, room for improvement.

  jack 14:22 17 Dec 2009

Is not unusual for mail order companies ,as stock can be held at different locations- and the order is split between them.
Many years ago I spent time with a mail order firm, all stock was held in the one warehouse- however some large items were stored boxed ready to go with only a label needed- the pick'n'pack team did the small stuff into boxes on a pack line. Whilst a line printer printed labels for each large item in pick location order- all that team had to do was pick a batch of labels up and slap them onto boxes and put therm on a pallet for the delivery co to collect.
You can imagine therefore several collections throughout the day and the mayhem of a delivery co hub- yup- deliveries will be split very easily.

  michaelw 16:05 17 Dec 2009

I cannot believe it's beyond the realms of companies to be able to at least specify whether it's going to be am or pm. Okay, so the driver plots his route 1st thing in the morning. But why not have a facility to then find out the approx time either by email or phone.

That's another entire day wasted.

  Seth Haniel 16:17 17 Dec 2009

got phone call 'Blinds' fitter would be late arriving - duly appeared with wrong goods -
New date arranged with early call on AM as appointment to be kept on PM
11:30 am and still no fitter - phoned company and said he was 15 Miles away - - and finally arrived 55 minutes after deadline - when signing his sheet noticed we had been 2nd call of day on his sheet which he'd ignored to suit his own round

  Chegs ®™ 16:26 17 Dec 2009

I have bought several items recently and all were saying "between 3 & 5 days to deliver" yet they all arrived next working day.I saw a mention on Panorama recently that it had been noted the high level of complaints of cards through the letter box saying they'd called but nobody was home,and Royal Mail in particular had taken steps to address this complaint.They also mentioned this to TNT & they say they have also addressed this complaint but I do not doubt that other couriers are still posting the cards without even knocking or that the item isn't even on the van.

I fortunately do not have any medical problems requiring hospital visits so cannot comment on that,but my Drs surgeries are always answered by a human voice and I've never had an answer machine answer my calls.

  Legolas 16:42 17 Dec 2009

Normally it is a case of getting a delivery date and then 'waiting in' but there appears to be more retailers giving a time slot so that 'waiting in' need not be an all day affair. I have just ordered something from Argos and they have emailed to say they will contact me before Saturday to arrange a day and time for delivery. Seems like good service to me.

  BT 17:36 17 Dec 2009

I recently bought a new TV from my local Euronics dealer.
I was in the shop at 11.30am and was promised delivery before 2pm. The guys arrived at 1.30pm, removed the old set and installed, tuned in and demo'd the new one all by 2pm.
Can't complain about that, and they took away the old very heavy set for free.

Today we were out shopping when the postman called and left a card for a package that was 'too big for the letterbox'. I can't collect it or have it redelivered for 48hrs. What does the postie do with it for all that time? Surely its taken back to the D.O. at the end of todays shift, so why is it not available for 2 days?
I remember when I lived in London the card used to say 'Please allow 4 hours before collection' so why has this now become 2 days?

  spuds 19:37 17 Dec 2009

Some interesting comments, in which most have occured with me over the last few months.

A few months ago,I purchased a large item from Argos, and was given a day and date time slot. Fair dues to the driver, he phoned to say that he would be about an hour late due to other deliveries en-route. He arrived when he said he would, stated that he had left his depot which was 60 miles away at 6am that morning, and had over 40 deliveries to make in a fairly wide area. He was getting very woried about his time running out, before returning back to his depot for a reload for the next day. So top marks to Argos and that man.

Regarding the Royal Mail card in the door. If the Panorama program was anything to go by, then the post-person most likely never had the item on them to deliver in the first place, because of the size. Just the other week I had a nice customer services card from the Royal Mail telling me about the extra deliveries and collections arrangements, extended special services etc over the Christmas period. Our local postman was well behind with his deliveries this past week, because he as more to delivery with no more help. He is not a very happy bunny.

I ordered some items from Ebuyer last Friday on their 4 'working' day delivery procedure. The items arrived late this afternoon, but I was warned that it could be anytime between 8am and 7pm. When Business Link had the contract of delivering in our area for Ebuyer, I would have received the items without fail by 10.30am, usually well within the specified delivery date.

Regarding the hospital appointment contact. Two days have now past, and still no response as to a change of appointment time for early next year!.

  morddwyd 20:22 17 Dec 2009

I seem to remember some legislation which allows you to claim if a company doesn't turn up, or did I dream it?

I can't seem to find a reference.

  BT 07:45 18 Dec 2009

"the post-person most likely never had the item on them to deliver in the first place"

I wouldn't be surprised at this. I've had a card through when we have actually been at home. On another occasion a parcel didn't arrive and after contacting Parcel Force was told "The driver couldn't find the address". Our house has the street name sign right outside and our number is clearly displayed on the front wall. If I hadn't chased it up the parcel would have been returned to sender as once happened to a parcel from Canada and cost our friends over $30 return fee.

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