Wait for the bomb

  hastelloy 08:19 26 Jul 2012

So now we seem to have upset the North Koreans Olympic blunder. Not a good start.

  Quickbeam 08:25 26 Jul 2012

This wouldn't be another negativity themed Olympic waste of money/interrupt the soap schedules/we can't do it right/we can't afford it (delete as appropriate) thread would it...?

  hastelloy 08:42 26 Jul 2012

No. Whilst I know it could be a serious mistake, I just saw the funny side of it.

  morddwyd 09:05 26 Jul 2012

"This wouldn't be another "

What do you mean, "another"?

All we've had so far is simple reasoned debate!

  hastelloy 09:32 26 Jul 2012

fourm member I did say I knew it was serious. The only thing I can think of which would have made the situation worse would have been to show the US flag!!! As you say - who knows how the North Korean government will react.

  hastelloy 11:23 26 Jul 2012

fourm member No apology necessary - I'm not easily offended and it didn't occur to me that you might have been having a go at me.

However I do think that it is unreasonable for me to be accused of being negative just because I don't like sport (not only on this thread so I'm not having a go at anybody in particular). I have never said that I don't want it to be televised, just that I don't want everybody else to be inconvenienced.

At the risk of being accused of stereotyping - if there was a very prestigious weekend festival of classical music (9 am Sat to 10 pm Sun) and BBC1 covered the whole of it live ........... Oooops sorry, several thousand football fans have just had a coronary 'cos they'd be deprived of MOTD!!

Yes, I do know football fans could also be classical music fans but I think the point is clear

  wee eddie 11:48 26 Jul 2012

This incident would be comparable to UK sensibilities as Rebecca Adlington standing on the Winners Podium and the Screens showing a Tricolore with the Band playing the Marseillaise.

  Kevscar1 12:23 26 Jul 2012

Just part of a bigger cock-up, not allowing rnough time after the opening ceromony so they have to start some competitions early.

  Quickbeam 12:43 26 Jul 2012

Do you think it will require official diplomatic apologies to the North Korean Ambassador fm?

  Condom 16:09 26 Jul 2012

I wonder if the GB Team can now decide to walk off as they have described one of the Welsh players as English in the programme? Living near the Welsh border I hope the Welsh don't have a bomb!!! ;-)

  Condom 16:51 26 Jul 2012

I wonder if AitchBEE will be running a book on how many members of the N Korean time will apply for political asylum ;-)

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