Wagon Wheels - Have they got smaller?

  version8 14:09 12 Oct 2008

Have Wagon Wheels got smaller?
What happened to the ones with jam in them?

Please Note
This is about the Chocolate wagon wheels & not those on wagons!

  newman35 14:24 12 Oct 2008

Probably it's you who's got bigger!

  Jak_1 14:25 12 Oct 2008

all confectioary has got smaller.

  Bingalau 14:30 12 Oct 2008

Can we tag this thread on to the end of the Tinned Tomato one?

  version8 14:43 12 Oct 2008

Did not want to hijack another thread.
But if people want to add other foods, biscuits etc feel free!

  lofty29 15:00 12 Oct 2008

I remember when they first came used to cost 2d in real money, and the were HUGE

  wiz-king 15:17 12 Oct 2008

click here - depends on the country!

  €dstowe 15:37 12 Oct 2008

It's a ploy in the confectionery industry to gradually, almost imperceptibly, reduce the size of chocolate and biscuit bars until they are of such minuscule dimensions that someone is sure to notice so at that point a "NEW BIGGER" size is introduced - which in fact is the same size as the old ones originally were.

You can sometimes notice this when they have recently shrunk the size but not adjusted the packing machinery so the bar rattles around in oversize wrapping.

  mrwoowoo 16:33 12 Oct 2008

Instead of a price increase the manufacturers just go for a size decrease.
It's just a marketing ploy as they asume we're too dim to notice.

  BT 17:18 12 Oct 2008

They are MUCH smaller, but then so is pretty well everything else.

Pringles have reduced the amount in the boxes from over 200gms to about 170 gms even though the boxes are the same size, and they don't taste anything like as nice as they used to.

Cartons of beer/lager have got smaller and smaller while keeping the prices the same. We use to have cartons of 24 then 20,18,15, and I saw some this week with just 10 cans in the box.

  Pineman100 17:41 12 Oct 2008

"They are MUCH smaller, but then so is pretty well everything else."

If food is getting smaller, how come my waistline is doing the opposite?

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