W7 License key issue

  Uboat 12:21 14 Apr 2010

Hi guys a friend that i had only known for a few months was having issues with his OS on his pc, It was a fake copy so as youd expect he had issues, he was the owned of a gaming server i used so having just bought W7 Ult (32/64bit) discs i decided to send him it & it took him three weeks to send it back to me, ok here is my issue!
Its a Retail version so ive put it on my pc & my sons activated it nps, my brother was on XP & ive formatted his pc this morning & it wont activate the W7? the key is for 4 pc's so i think my now Ex friend has abused my trust & put it on other pc's which im Furious about, is there anyway i can get the key changed or is there any other way around this apart from buying a new key at £150? my so called friend fixes pcs & i fell out with him due to reciving my disc back scratched & the case heavely banged about & the fact he sent it back First class only NOT registered post!..Thankx everyone..

  Uboat 12:22 14 Apr 2010

OR is there a way to find out HOW many pc's its been used on.?

  Pineman100 13:00 14 Apr 2010

I'm not sure about W7 Utimate, but generally if you buy a retail software package which allows, say, three users, that doesn't mean *any* three users.

The licence allows you install it on, for example, your desktop, your laptop and your son's laptop - all in the same household. It doesn't mean that you can use it twice then send it to your mate in... wherever.

I'm not aware of any way that you can discover how many users have installed the software. But if they've all tried to activate it (and this is essential to maintain functionality), then MS will probably catch them/you out.

  I am Spartacus 14:41 14 Apr 2010

My understanding was that an OEM copy can be installed on the original system only (doesn't quite work like that) and that the retail version can also be installed on one system but if that system is then deactivated it can then be installed on another. In other words the retail copy allows you to install it on only one system at a time.

  spuds 14:41 14 Apr 2010

It seems to be a flip of the coin situation, because I have known people who have installed 'multi' licence software on many different computers. At the same time, I have also known people with 3 user licences, with software installed on three machines, which have had modification at later life, only to find the software worked or didn't.

No doubt someone may have the correct answer, if not, then it might be a case of manufacturer customer care!.

I have a software pack that I am using at present, which keeps informing me that it might be a pirate copy. Yet at the same time, after further checks, I am informed that the software pack is genuine and above board.Still a total mystery!.

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