VW group face potential fine of US $18 Bn

  Belatucadrus 23:42 19 Sep 2015

It appears that VW created a software algorithm that detected when the cars were being emmisions tested and reduced the outputs but only for the duration of the test. Nitrous oxide levels under normal running can be up to forty times the statutory limit. They now have to recall 500.000 cars remove the "Defeat device" and face potential fines of up to $37,500 per car.

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  spuds 00:03 20 Sep 2015

Only the other day, I was reading an article about the amount of fines that had occured in the USA, due to various 'faults' found by the authorities, usually ending up in recalls.

Pity this doesn't seem to happen here in the UK. Its usually a case of fighting for even the slightest bit of justice, if the outcome might become costly, if proven. perhaps this as something to do with the 'Lemon Law' which we don't seem to have here, but possibly should!.

  Dragon_Heart 02:21 20 Sep 2015

So "Horace", the evil Herbie, is still alive !

This is only one of the 'tricks' used, how many more could there be ?

  oresome 10:32 20 Sep 2015

Surely removing the defeat device will do nothing to improve the actual emissions produced.

It presumably will be far more costly to make the engines cleaner in real life scenarios otherwise they would have done this from the start without resorting to dubious tactics.

  spuds 10:55 20 Sep 2015


Perhaps an offshoot of all this, was shown on Watchdog regarding how underpowered a particular model of car being sold on the UK market, that was based on emmisions. click here

  Belatucadrus 11:52 20 Sep 2015

Surely removing the defeat device will do nothing to improve the actual emissions produced.

True but it may mean that a lot of cars fail their "Smog check" which in California can result in compulsory purchase and scrapping, clearly the test varies from state to state.

If VW can't come up with a full time fix and there is significant scrappage I think their US sales figures will drop off the chart and it may have a knock on effect in other regions. The use of a deliberate engineering cheat to bypass emissions testing will damage the groups reputation, how badly remains to be seen.

  bumpkin 12:20 20 Sep 2015

I find it interesting that VW would resort to such measures. Also wonder who revealed or discovered this as it is clearly not something VW would anounce in their sales campaign.

  bumpkin 12:24 20 Sep 2015

Another point is, how does the device know when the exhaust is being tested, from what I have seen a probe is just put in the back of the exhaust pipe.

  Belatucadrus 13:37 20 Sep 2015

If it's like the MOT it probably requires the vehicle to run at predefined fixed revs in neutral for a particular period, enough for the software to detect and react.

  bumpkin 14:12 20 Sep 2015

Yes but how does the cheating device know when it is being tested.

  Belatucadrus 14:24 20 Sep 2015

Presumably the only time the vehicle sits in neutral running at high revs is when it's being tested. The algorithm is part of the engine management system, it will decide when sufficient of the criteria for a test cycle have been met and then react. It clearly isn't foolproof which is how it got spotted.

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