Dizzy Bob 16:24 23 Aug 2009

Just had a Vulcan bomber fly over.

I assume coming back from Shoreham airshow.

What a majestic sight.

Anyone know how many of them are still flying?

  BT 16:30 23 Aug 2009

Just the one I think. Seem to remember seeing a TV report a few months ago about it.

  Woolwell 16:34 23 Aug 2009

Just the one click here

  Dizzy Bob 16:37 23 Aug 2009

Thanks Woolwell.

Amazing sight, it was very low as well.

  oldbeefer2 16:40 23 Aug 2009

I remember being at Scampton on a visit as a Cadet Officer years ago - saw a stream of them (8 if I remember) take off. Earth shattering sound.

  laurie53 18:57 23 Aug 2009

I thought the thread referred to Mr Spock (I didn't really)!

  Stuartli 19:58 23 Aug 2009

Like the Spitfire, Concorde and Comet, one of the most beautiful aircraft to take to the skies.

I recall one passing low over the local recreation field when I was a youngster many years ago (many years ago!) and we were gob smacked at its shape and the noise it make (now replaced by the Eurofighter and Typhoon flights from Warton).

Last year, the Vulcan appeared at Southport Air Show - as majestic as ever and those responsible for raising the funds and for undertaking the restoration work deserved every credit.

  dagnammit 21:01 23 Aug 2009

I did, well, StarTrek anyway. :)

They're bothed named from the same Mythology.

  oldbeefer2 21:02 23 Aug 2009

"those responsible for raising the funds and for undertaking the restoration work deserved every credit."

Hear, Hear. An amazing job has been done by the Vulcan team.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:41 23 Aug 2009

as well, I went down to East Head at West Wittering today, and we had a flyover (at different times) from 4 Hurricanes, a Lancaster, Flying Fortress, and out to sea the Red Arrows, I think they must have been making their way from show to show, as I got back to Chichester the Vulcan flew over, quite a day.

  spuds 22:48 23 Aug 2009

At present the Vulcan is based at its tempory home at Brize Norton, prior to that it was based and 'repaired-rebuilt' at Bruntinthorpe Leicestershire. So if you have a nice runway and facilities at the back of your house, you could perhaps have a new lodger!.

The financial situation is and was never very good for this aircraft. In fact it is nearly the case every time as to whether the 'only' Vulcan can afford or remain super fit to attend airshows, more so in the future, and the likelyhood of it being a 'museum piece' is becoming more possible. So if you see it in motion, then saviour that moment, as it might be the last. Unless of course, a few more £million's are found!.

I remember the days, when the Vulcan was a daily sight near the A1 at Wittering. A real majestic beast.

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