Voters reject congestion charge ...

  Quickbeam 17:14 12 Dec 2008

Whatever you think of it, it was rather like asking Turkeys to vote in favour of Christmas...

  Quickbeam 17:15 12 Dec 2008

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  interzone55 17:31 12 Dec 2008

I can't understand why people voted against this, anyone who's tried to drive along Deansgate in the morning should welcome the charge that would put off any who absolutely doesn't have to drive into Manchester in "rush" hour...

  Jak_1 17:34 12 Dec 2008

There are two reasons why we voted no, 1) The public transport at present is in an appaling state and needed to be sorted before any levy was charge against motorists 2) As in London, the goalposts would constantly shift resulting in even higher charges and extention of charging times.

  interzone55 17:44 12 Dec 2008

"1) The public transport at present is in an appaling state and needed to be sorted before any levy was charge against motorists"

Wasn't that one of the clauses any way?

We now have a catch 22: a crap and expensive public transport network that needs fixing, but no money to fix it because the public voted against the congestion charge that would have attracted the funding.

Yet another reason why we should never, ever hold referenda...

  skeletal 17:48 12 Dec 2008

No one wants to get stuck in traffic and as a fairly regular user of the M42 (stuck for an extra hour or so the other day…yet again) anything that genuinely helps improve traffic flow is welcomed.

However, most people don’t trust politicians (etc) any further than they can throw them. All these wonderful schemes have one thing in common: fleece the long suffering motorist for yet more cash. If we can pretend we are improving safety or saving a polar bear, the average dim-wit car driver will think we are doing them a favour. Except car drivers are not all dim-wits!

Enough is enough; billions of pounds are taken from us every year and yet our transport system is absolutely dreadful.

Let’s see the billions already taken being used first!


  Monoux 18:56 12 Dec 2008

skeletal-- Well said

  lixdexik 19:07 12 Dec 2008

the traffic situation in manchester will get worse.

A few years ago the people of Edinburgh were asked to vote on the same traffic charging plans, it too was voted out by 5 to 1. We were told that the traffic situation would only get worse if charging was not introduced. Well traffic has got worse, the council made sure of that, by closing roads, narrowing roads, changing traffic lights etc, squeezing the traffic onto fewer and narrower roads, generally engineering congestion. Now a tram system is being foisted on us and I have yet to meet a single person that is in favour of it. 500 million on a system nobody but the councillors and contractors want.

I would say to the people of Manchester things will get worse, your council will make sure of that.

Cheers Lixdexik

  egapup 19:21 12 Dec 2008

Did they really think people would vote for more charges, what planet do they live on?????

  So Afraid 19:30 12 Dec 2008

I voted NO and after hearing the views of the people i know its what i expected.

  polish 19:33 12 Dec 2008

there was a business owner on the news today and said it would cost his employers £1200 a year because of were they work and he was worried about losing members of staff why has the motorist always got to be penalised investment should be there and then give motorists the choice i was in nottingham recently and there tram system was great

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