Vote looms for EU 'software law'

  TOPCAT® 14:13 05 Jul 2005

What's good for some invariably tends to hurt others. Pity the terms of the directive aren't a compromise to all the parties, then everyone would be happy. TC.


'European lawmakers are preparing to vote on a directive which could protect companies' computerised inventions.
The proposed law, the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive, has been a bone of contention since 2001.

Opponents say it would lead to the patenting of software, which is already protected by copyright. This would harm small firms and open source developers. Supporters say programs that make other technologies work need more protection...'

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  TOPCAT® 13:58 06 Jul 2005

The European parliament has rejected the introduction of the software patent directive by a 648-18 vote. TC.

  Forum Editor 18:26 07 Jul 2005

Commonsense has prevailed.

  justme 20:05 07 Jul 2005

Does anyone know who the 18 were who actually thought this was a good idea. We should be told in order that if they represent us they can be held accountable.

  Ancient Learner 20:23 07 Jul 2005

It shows just how out of touch the Commission is with its own elected members never mind the general population, 648-18.Ridiculous.

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