Volkswagen Advert Banned

  laurie53 06:13 01 Apr 2009

A VW advert showing an engineer fighting with himself has been banned.

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Now I may be an insensitive brute, but I didn't see anything "shocking and offensive" in this advert.

In fact I found it a bit daft.

  Quickbeam 08:39 01 Apr 2009

Can't be any worse than the 'Talk to Frank' drug awareness ad.

  interzone55 08:46 01 Apr 2009

I found it "shocking and offensive" because it was so bad.

Maybe it's time the ASA or whoever starting banning adverts that show signs of pharmaceutical indulgence during their creation...

  babybell 10:56 01 Apr 2009

No worse than the Oven Pride "So easy a man can do it" adverts. I'll have them know that I can to clean an oven......I just always get there too late and its been done already ;o)

  wolfie3000 11:11 01 Apr 2009

The advert in question,

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I think its cleverly done and not offensive at all.

  Colin 13:34 01 Apr 2009

That'll be the one with "Chef Designer" on the guy's office door, not "Chief Designer".

  wee eddie 13:39 01 Apr 2009

much of the stuff currently put out before the watershed.

Good publicity, getting it restricted/banned, though!

  Pine Man 17:01 01 Apr 2009

.....I bought one!!

What excellent car it turned out to be as well.

  Esc4p3 19:18 01 Apr 2009

I don't see it as offensive, just the current trend to being overly politically correct. However, doing a search on Youtube for "banned VW advert" found at least 2 other VW ads that have also been banned, makes you wonder?

  octal 19:33 01 Apr 2009

Who has the time to contact the ASA? How many complaints do they have to receive before they ban the advert? It seems like some of these people don't have enough to occupy their time, or they need to get out a bit more.

By the way, I haven't seen Tom and Jerry on the TV lately, or have they banned that as well?

  IClaudio 19:35 01 Apr 2009

I want to see the other four! :)

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