Volcanic ash on cars.??

  wmoore 17:32 18 Apr 2010

Notice this morning a black dust on all the cars in the street. A first I thought it was just road dirt,
but the neighbours car which hasn't moved for months
is covered in it.
We live in the south west.
Anybody else the same.

  Forum Editor 17:36 18 Apr 2010

some of the volcanic ash/dust from Iceland is falling in certain UK locations, Oddly enough, one of the locations is reported to be Chiswick in London, although what the people of Chiswick have done to get themselves singled out is a mystery to me.

  spuds 17:50 18 Apr 2010

Some areas of the Midland's have had a light dusting. More noticeable on windscreens,if the vehicle as been left out overnight.

  canarieslover 17:50 18 Apr 2010

Make certain you hose it off first before attempting to wash the car as it is very abrasive.

  Grey Goo 18:02 18 Apr 2010

The catkins are out and there are large deposits of pollen about,cannot decide whether its mountain ash or pollen on the car .

  sunnystaines 18:26 18 Apr 2010

had grey dust several days now before it was reported in the news as falling.

  bremner 18:57 18 Apr 2010

East Devon and we have a coating of dark dust don't know if it is "the" dust.

  morddwyd 19:40 18 Apr 2010

The dust they've shown on news reports is a sort of beige colour, just like that all over my car!

  wellshgit 20:09 18 Apr 2010

My car was covered in a very fine grey dust, which showed because my car is black

  Belatucadrus 20:43 18 Apr 2010

Leylandii are also emitting enormous clouds of grey pollen at this time of year, gets all over everything.

  Forum Editor 22:37 18 Apr 2010

in my drive, and at this time of year it gets covered in a film of greyish pollen. It's there now, and it's not volcanic ash.

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