Volcanic ash again?

  Colonel Graham 15:12 23 May 2011

May be heading this way, watch it's approach by Radar

  Colonel Graham 15:15 23 May 2011

Dunno why link doesn't work properly, right click and Open in new tab.

  interzone55 15:19 23 May 2011

This link should work

You'd missed the http://www off your link

  Al94 15:22 23 May 2011

Then go into "layers" and check the volcanic ash box - seems it's different kind of ash and shouldn't be as troublesome?

  Colonel Graham 15:23 23 May 2011

I missed www. off because they wouldn't work before. Something must have changed.

  Al94 17:21 23 May 2011

oh dear - flights cancelled click here

  Noldi 21:40 23 May 2011

My Son went of to Iceland on Fri for a long weekend he just sent a text to say they may open up the airspace tomorrow, If not it looks like a nice extended holiday.


  lucky1 22:01 23 May 2011

President Obama is flying to the UK tonight, instead of tomorrow, because of the iminent ash cloud. So even Airforce 1 could be affected!

  Strawballs 10:02 24 May 2011

Latest on BBC Ash Cloud

  sunnystaines 10:12 24 May 2011

got mixed views on the ash it was may last year during the ash [may not be relevant] that i developed chronic asthma so it may be bad for me. but on the good side enjoying the peace and quiet with reduced aircraft noise, planes still flying out of LHR but not so many.

  Strawballs 10:40 24 May 2011

My link seems to have vanished Ash Cloud

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