Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs

  TopCat® 21:06 17 Mar 2010

in decorative coatings already restricted from 2007 enter an even more stringent phase 2 from April this year. click here

I must confess that I was unaware of these EU Directive changes and, as it will be unlawful to apply coatings made pre-2007, how on earth will they dispose of the countless gallons of the non-comforming products languishing on garage and shed shelves in this country? TC.

  wiz-king 21:39 17 Mar 2010

Easy - not allowed to sell, make or buy them but OK to use old stock. Get your building listed.

  TopCat® 23:31 17 Mar 2010

Thanks for pointing that out. At least any old stock should contain contents conforming to the 2007 standard, so it makes sense to use it up. TC.

  wee eddie 23:40 17 Mar 2010

Alcohol and Turps then.

What will we do when we hit the skids!

  VCR97 19:49 18 Mar 2010

What products are not included
in the new legislation?
The legislation applies only to coatings. Common products not
encompassed within the scope of the legislation include liquid
sanders, sugar soaps, brush cleaners, fillers, sealants/caulks and
colourants for tinting.

  Quickbeam 09:24 20 Mar 2010

I'm sure it won't stop most people repainting the kitchen ceiling with a unique shade mixed from the various leftover tins from the previous 20 years of decorating leftovers.

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