Vista's short life

  zarobian 06:37 08 May 2007

Will Vista meet the same fate as ME? What is Forum Members opinion?

  g0slp 08:04 08 May 2007

I'd say that it's too early to say yet. A better picture should be emerging by the end of this year.

  DrScott 08:27 08 May 2007

that once some directx 10.0 games come to market like Halo 2 things will pick up. According to Microsoft though, sales are looking good. Of course had manufacturers actually written drivers for all their products rather than just the brand new ones, then people might also be a little less apathetic about Vista.

  Kate B 10:23 08 May 2007

Me was rubbish. Vista is an excellent OS, so no, I don't think it will meet the same fate.

  DrScott 11:30 08 May 2007

Excellent? Really? I've used it a bit recently and whilst there are some things about it that I quite like, I'm not sure I'd put it in the excellent bracket.

Loading screens etc. take longer, plus the demands that it places on even fairly modern systems seem a bit excessive. The lack of peripheral support is entirely frustrating too...

Good maybe, but for my next build I'll most likely stick with XP until a lot of these issues are ironed out.

  g0nvs 11:34 08 May 2007

Me was rubbish. Really, It may have been for you but works perfectly for me.Still have it on one machine.

  The Brigadier 11:36 08 May 2007

ME was really 98 3rd Edition & a stop gap before XP came out.
Oh & to boost the Microsof coffers!!

  Jak_1 12:01 08 May 2007

ME had an inherant memory fault and the system needed re-booting at times to get the memory back. I had it on my previous pc and would not use it again. As The Brigadier states, it was just a stopgap between 98 and xp.
I have not used vista yet but have heard mixed comments. I believe the new os is not too far behind!

  johndrew 12:07 08 May 2007

I raised this some time ago click here and the discussion was fairly inconclusive I thought.

Having said that there has been a bit more press that tends to contradict those who believe Vienna will be long in the making. I have little confidence either way, but given what I have seen of various threads here and articles in PCA and other magazines I hope support for XP stays valid until well after the release of Vienna given the cost and various problems with Vista.

  Kate B 12:28 08 May 2007

Come on, I expect better of you lot, of all people. There aren't "various problems with Vista". It's a solid, stable OS with vastly improved security, some excellent bundled apps and a groovy new interface to boot. The "problems" are - as we've discussed a million times - down to hardware manufacturers not getting their act together over drivers. I don't care if you don't want Vista - that's your decision - but don't rubbish it with erroneous nonsense. Come up with a sensible objection and I'll listen to you, but at the moment the objections are not founded in reality.

  DrScott 13:13 08 May 2007

but there was a comparison run between XP and Vista in terms of how intuitive it was, and the time it took for a user to find and activate tasks. It reported that to perform similar day to day tasks XP was quicker.

I think the main objection is that Vista is so resource hungry. When computer hardware improves even more, then yes it may come to be a smooth running OS, but we're not there yet. But on current machines it offers no speed improvements on XP, and XP was hardly that unstable that Vista can claim stability to be a major improvement.

click here
click here

The OS of Macs just works. Vista doesn't quite. Did you read the review of all the OS in this months PCA?

It's clearly not a terrible OS, but it's not excellent either. In fact I'll use PCA's own description of it: "Good" (incidently the worst of the other OS according to the article).

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