Vista interface

  jtt 12:37 30 Jun 2006

I've heard a lot about the new Vista interface - 3d windows (so you can see one behind another if you rotate them) and the translucent windows. I'm sure they may look nice, but are they really useful? Slightly useful maybe, but really useful? I haven't tried the Vista beta, but am interested in people's comments who have, after they've recovered from the initial "wow" factor.

  Skills 17:33 04 Jul 2006

Havent seen the latest build but have had a look at beta 1, alot of the 3d windows wernt in that build but I did like the way they have reworked the start menu instead of opening across the desktop each level opens up on the left hand side of the start menu with a return arrow at the bottom of the list.

  josie mayhem 22:27 04 Jul 2006

I'm using the vista beta 2 build 5843 (?) and I haven't has yet tried the 3d window thing, so can't really say what it's like.

But I do like the vista, I find that becasue it has better colour contrast that it is very much easier on my eyes....

As skils says the new start menu design is a lot better, makes finding things easier. Aslo the way the have set up control panel, and how you see/search documents makes life a lot easier. I like the downloading because you can choose what type of download i.e application, document ect alongside where to put it.

The only downside I've found software, but that is to be expected, but saying that on set up it loaded all driver ect, needed to run my epson r200, found and set up internet and my network, only had to make one change to get it to talk to the rest of the network, and that was renaming the workgroup name to match my network name. I'm surprised with some of my software that I've managed to load using the compatiabiltiy wizard, sadly I can't use all of my soundcard ability, only able to get stereo sound, waiting for creatative to get there act together and release the soundblaster audigy 2 nx drivers...

But otherwise I love it and can't wait for all the hitches to be iorned out and a full version released I shall be at the front of the cue me thinks..

  fitcher 14:01 12 Jul 2006

i find it is not as easy to go into the system to check my usb ports and i have not yet found a way to get my wireless netgear to work using vistas own connection setup .also .it is like linux in a way .but slower irritating thing is it continualy asks for permissions to load software me it has a lot of bugs to be sorted out ..vey slow start up .to much linux black screen moments looking at that arrow on start up .typical linux feel about it

  dth 14:08 12 Jul 2006

I get the impression that the new interface is a little like xgl on linux systems - great to view for 5 minutes but pure eye-candy

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