The Vista Indicators

  ezypcy 21:47 06 Nov 2006

The writing is on the wall for many within the
computer industry and Vista is an indication.

The Vista direction will eventually put many out of business.
For example all the current computers depend on sourcing drivers etc
but Vista is designed to find them for you on-line.
Similar to buying a car - buy it and just drive it, is the way
future computers are heading .

Computer systems will self-solve many type of problems,
that users enquire about on this forum or read about.

The day will soon come where the average user will not have a need
for the typical computer magazine of to-day.

Maybe pc mags should re-think their tied-hands or 'sleep walking'
to-wards the big fat Vista future!

  ezypcy 21:55 06 Nov 2006

Don't you just hate it when you find many of the
words in your post being 'underlined'!!!

  josie mayhem 21:59 06 Nov 2006

Cars still break-down!

Vista might be able to tell you that your hard drive is just about to pack up, but it can't replace it...

As long as there are computers then there will always be a need for IT people to sort and build.

Vista isn't going to take over, but improve and will save a lot of red faces for the novice.

  ezypcy 22:06 06 Nov 2006

Forget to-days computers.

How many repair to-days cars or tv's.
Many are simply dumped.
Hard drives are already oldfashioned,re: mp3 etc.

I'm talking about the near future direction indicators.

  Totally-braindead 22:14 06 Nov 2006

ezypcy. Vista is just another operating system, it might be better than XP only time will tell as far as I'm concerned but it will still have faults and will still need attention from someone that knows about IT.
Unless of course you're suggesting that this Forum will dissapear. What a terrible thought. Everyone moves to Vista and all the PCs run perfectly and theres no need for any of us again. Guess I'll have to find something else to do.

  Bapou 22:36 06 Nov 2006

Isn't this the kind of thing said 6 years ago when XP came along? Many experienced users seemed somewhat miffed, saying life was being made too easy for the computer illiterate with it's stability and user friendliness etc.

XP does not seem to have increased the dole queues, more the opposite. Professional help wil always be needed.

  Forum Editor 23:29 06 Nov 2006

will eventually put many out of business".

With respect, that's nonsense.

  ashdav 01:21 07 Nov 2006

Surely the whole point of a computer/OS is that it should just WORK.
If you have to fiddle around with drivers and 3rd party applications then there is something not quite right.
We haven't got to the point of the infallible OS yet but Vista is going that way.(Albeit in a heavy handed/resource hungry way)
Personally I think most people expect their computer to fail and the first thing to blame is Windows.
Things are still in a state of flux and evolution and the demands being made on Operating Systems are increasing all the time.
I think Vista is the last we will see of the all encompassing OS and in the future you will install a basic system with applications added to suit your needs.
This is the way Firefox has gone compared to IE.

  ezypcy 09:46 07 Nov 2006

Recently we had many MS foot soldiers rejoicing at
the scenario that Vista will be taking charge of it's
own anti-virus,security etc.
Added to this,their gleeful reaction that McAfee,
Norton and other 3rd party A/V producers will
be locked out of the Vista war.

Now if I was running a platform that depended on
computer related advertising I could do one of 2 things -

i)Be happy to fully back the Vista surge, take the quick buck
and dance blindly into the 'yellow brick wall'.
But accept that there will be much less revenue
coming in from the resulting ,failing competition.

ii)Take a long term business view and fight to keep
everyone fit and healthy.Thus ensuring a strong finacial
income and growth for the future.

Monopoly ,is the game !
Competition ,is what the loser inherits!

I bet if there was only one pc mag ever available
then it would fail in the long term.Why?
It would only contain MS and Intel adverts.

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