vista hate

  Teaboy 17:36 20 Aug 2008

I read from the news forum that a company has taken the trouble to do a census of pc owners who they allege have downgraded vista to xp. their result being 1 in 3 either replacing vista with xp, or buying new with xp installed as against vista. Surely if 1 out of 3 spoken to have switched, the logically 2 out 3 haven't! And as they haven't then they are happy with the vista system. My point being, that there is, and, has been a kind of hate vista attitude ever since the system arrived, and that there are a few individuals who just love to hate-using figures to try to prove they are right.

  Si_L 17:53 20 Aug 2008

I think personally its more a case of people being with XP for 5 years, and are afraid to change because its comfortable for them.

Also, a lot of people had hardware issues etc, but not a proportionately large number.

There is not one thing about XP I prefer to Vista.

  Teaboy 18:00 20 Aug 2008

fourm member

There you go- downgrade before delivery! What can they know of vista if they are not prepared to try it-how can they judge the system? What honesty informs of the sensus?

  Jak_1 20:05 20 Aug 2008

I have Vista on my new PC and would much prefer to have my XP back. The problem is that as it's a new PC, if anything went wrong with it then the warantee would prob be voided if I reverted. Then there is the question of downloading all the xp drivers first etc etc.

  interzone55 20:46 20 Aug 2008

I advise all my customers to buy PCs with XP Pro installed, simply because Vista breaks an important feature of our software application.

You can run our application happily in Vista if you turn off several features, but you shouldn't have to do that. The User Account Control is simply the most stupid feature I have ever seen - it stops all work if it thinks you're trying to do something that the OS thinks you shouldn't, but to get round it you simply click OK, so it's not an effective system. The problem is our software is meant to run unattended, but it needs to delete several files each day, and the UAC stops this happening.
Yes, we can tell users to turn this off, along with several other features, but it's not an ideal situation, so it's much simpler to get them to buy XP...

  ventanas 21:56 20 Aug 2008

Not any more they can't. XP is history, and about time. It has absolutely nothing to offer now that Vista has taken over. It was inferior in every area.
You will have to change your "application" and bring it up to date. In my view you are simply admitting to selling out of date software.
UAC is not perfect, but it's a start. Lets just see what happens with it, because it won't go away. Also you misunderstand its purpose, it's not there to stop, just to warn, which it does.

  interzone55 22:03 20 Aug 2008

Sorry, you're wrong.

XP is still available from many resellers, Dell will allow you to "downgrade" to XP Pro on most of their business PCs and laptops.

Until MS fix the abomination that is "User Access Control" the better.

I personally think the Vista is pretty good, but far from XP being "inferior in every area" there's no doubting that Vista is slower than XP on similar hardware, and writing to network drives is hit & miss at best. If I had the chance I'd downgrade my laptop to XP in a shot, but I can't warrant the expanse of a copy of XP and I'm not willing to chance my arm with a cracked copy...

  polish 22:05 20 Aug 2008

i think part of the hate problem was vista initally being installed on pcs that could not run it correctly i have two pcs with vista and would not want to go back to xp vista runs without problem i have been running vista for 10mths and have only a couple of minor problems to sort

  Forum Editor 00:39 21 Aug 2008

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard that said when I've been discussing operating systems with clients.

My policy is to ask them to give Vista a chance, and to work with it for a few weeks, then make a decision. I do it because I know that most of them will decide to stay with Vista in the end, and because I believe a lot of people decide they don't like Vista because they've heard that a lot of people don't like Vista.

There's no doubt whatsoever that Vista has had a rather rough ride so far, but a lot of what has been written about its shortcomings has been way over the top.

  Monument 02:04 21 Aug 2008

and many of the things that have been written have been spot on.

I too advise clients to give it a chance but I would say its 50/50 of those that stick with XP.

  JYPX 03:53 21 Aug 2008

I am willing to bet that a survey of Microsoft users 2 years ago asking "are you looking forward to the new OS" would have seen 90% saying "Yes". I have never met anyone that hates Vista, but I have met loads of people who are very disapointed for a variety of reasons. We have been over this so many times here and I am sure that Microsoft have now got the message loud and clear - the next OS will be a replacement for TWO operating systems, both of which have millions of satisfied users.
I am very suprised at the comments from Ventanas. Novatech, Chillblast, Cougar, CCL, are all offering a choice between XP and Vista on every single pc that they offer. Novatech have XP systems pre-built in stock. CCL have hundreds of pre-built Xp Home and Xp pro systems rolling off a production line (look at the stock levels on their website). This isn't PC World where it is "Vista or nothing" for the casual buyer. These companies are selling to pc enthusiasts who realise that they have a choice.

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