Vista hate 2

  Teaboy 17:45 25 Aug 2008

I have resolved the posting earlier in this forum. Much has been written as to the merits of the O/S, or in some cases demerits.

Thanks to all who took part.

there is an article in the news forum on the comparative difficulties of XP with those of Vista in it's first few years. This puts the case far better than I can.

recommend forum to read.


  rdave13 18:21 25 Aug 2008

This one?.. click here&

  anskyber 18:54 25 Aug 2008

For an exemplary analysis of the Vista debate including the role of tech authors read this long but excellent analysis. click here

  rdave13 19:12 25 Aug 2008

Thanks anskyber but I just can't be bothered.

  helen. 19:25 25 Aug 2008

Without even opening your link. I suspect it will be a very pro vista article.

Like rdave13.

  anskyber 19:44 25 Aug 2008

That's precisely the point of the article, issues of bias.

You and others may recognise yourselves in the article. It is precisely not a pro Vista article in fact at the end it balances the debate about XP and Vista. Vista and it's supporters/detractors in forums, blogs or whatever are it seems to me largely blinded by their own preconceptions and that lies at the very heart of any considered debate.

Of course if folk cannot be bothered to even read a couple of pages then in my view they consign themselves to one or other of the flocks of misinformed sheep, be they for or against Vista/Xp/linux/Mac....

Read it then criticise.

  rdave13 00:42 26 Aug 2008

'Of course if folk cannot be bothered to even read a couple of pages then in my view they consign themselves to one or other of the flocks of misinformed sheep, be they for or against Vista/Xp/linux/Mac....'
With respect I'm neither a sheep nor misinformed. I run XP and Vista on my PCs. Both OPs have good and bad points and what my preferences are is my own buisiness and I don't give two hoots what other people prefer. That is why I couldn't be bothered reading your link.

  JYPX 01:00 26 Aug 2008

The tweakguides article is flawed because (yet again) it assumes that millions of people hate Vista. They don't. A tiny number of internet forum posters hate Vista. The vast majority of XP users are taking a long, shrewd look at their options. The views/opinions of these users will have a massive impact on the shape of the next OS - a point sadly missed by the author.

  Forum Editor 07:31 26 Aug 2008


The problem however, at least as far as Microsoft is concerned, is that large numbers (but not all) of those long,shrewd look-takers are being influenced by received information - they are the ones who hear what the tiny number of internet forum posters say - maybe at second hand, but they're also the ones who aren't interested enough to read articles like the one in the link posted by anskyber.

Whether you hate Vista or not doesn't matter - if you are deterred by what you hear from a colleague at work, or from someone in the pub the effect is the same, you decide to stay as you are. That's bad for Microsoft, obviously, and it might be depriving many people of a better computing experience.

  anskyber 10:20 26 Aug 2008

Oddly, I think we are in agreement but have arrived there from a slightly different route.

My reading of the tweakguides article leads me to conclude that however shrewed the XP users might be they are in fact " being influenced by received information" Indeed so much so that irrationality creeps into even the most thoughtful users deliberations.

Like the author I do not see myself as a fan boy of Vista and have from time to time advised some to stay with XP in the circumstances they find themselves in, horses for courses if you like. I run XP on one machine and Vista on another and it's worth remembering amongst all of this that both are "only" OSs and are a means to an end rather than a destination in their own right.

  Teaboy 18:06 26 Aug 2008


You haven't read the article, yet you dare to offer your views. Are you clairvoyant? Be off with you sir.

For myself I read the first page, and ran out of time so I printed the entire article, a mere 46 pages of a4 paper, for close reading over the next week of so.

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