Virus for Linux?

  octal 23:43 26 Dec 2008

My son has come home for the Christmas holidays and has been using the computer. This morning he comes out to my radio shack all of a panic saying there's a virus on the computer. He said everytime he clicks on Firefox to access the internet it comes up with a program that starts checking all the disks on the machine and when it's complete it says it found various viruses on the disks. It turns out it's a browser redirect and once it's opened you can't close it, it is a very clever web site because it looks just like a Windows desktop and anyone who uses Windows would be easily fooled into clicking on the links. It did want me to download an exe file as well, thankfully that won't work on Linux.

I just deleted the .mozilla folder and normal service was resumed when Firfox was restarted.

He had been watching a lot of YouTube videos, so I expect there was some malicious site on there he picked that up from.

  rdave13 09:28 27 Dec 2008

No one is safe from these malware, lucky you're using Linux. Wonder what would have downloaded if it had been Windows?

  octal 10:15 27 Dec 2008

I've no idea, hopefully the anti virus would have kicked in and killed the download anyway, but it does show how vigilant you have to be.

Maybe I should have downloaded the exe file and had a little poke around with it to find out if I could have got a little more information from it on what it was.

  laurie53 10:36 27 Dec 2008

Maybe next year you should go to your son's for Christmas (assuming he's not somewhere hairy like Helmand!).

  octal 13:21 27 Dec 2008

Don't jest, that's a distinct possibility ;)

  LastChip 22:28 27 Dec 2008

when Windows users would be wetting themselves ;-)

Have a great New Year octal.

  octal 22:48 27 Dec 2008

"Don't you feel chuffed to bits though,

when Windows users would be wetting themselves"

Yes and no, I do actually feel sorry for Windows users receiving something like that, it must be pretty scary.
It does also highlight the fact that the applications in Linux are still vulnerable to attack, so don't get complacent, even though the attack is much easier to deal with.

Thanks for you kind wishes, all the best for the coming new year to you as well matey.

  LastChip 22:57 27 Dec 2008

The point is though, it's ineffective. It can report all it likes, but it's got nowhere to go and it's a good practical demonstration of why (at present), it's not really necessary to have anti-virus software on Linux.

  laurie53 10:10 28 Dec 2008

I hope the distinct possibility is you going to him, not him being in Helmand.

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