Virus E-Mail Attachement " Invertation Facebook*

  Kase 09:52 14 May 2012

Has any of the forum members received this Virus or have knowledge of it?. it is a Virus that opens an olympic torch that burns the whole hard disk C of your computer. The virus is a Trojan Horse that asks you to install an Adobe Flash plug in this virus then destroys the zero sector of the hard drive. I recieved this information when a friend in France sent us an e-mail then told us to delet the mail as they had found this virus on there computer. We are told it will be recieved as coming from a facebook contact.


  daz60 10:25 14 May 2012

If i saw an e-mail with that particular spelling i would delete immediately.

  lotvic 11:00 14 May 2012

HOAX Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to open an attachment called 'Invitation Fb' because it will launch an 'Olympic torch' virus.

Just do a google search for: facebook virus olympic torch

The claims in the warning are utter nonsense and should not be reposted. The warning is nothing more than a Facebook driven variant of an old hoax email that has circulated since 2006.

  Kase 20:07 14 May 2012

Thank you lotvic for a prompt reply I have googled as you suggested and found information on this item on Wikipedia and Naked Security Sophos. You are correct it is a Hoax but it had us concerned at the time. We did as Daz60 stated and deleted the item. I had run Norton on all our computers but did not find a virus!!. As I now know it is not a Virus, again thank for the help.


  lotvic 20:52 14 May 2012

Glad that's sorted, they can be worrying when you receive hoax emails. You will be able to reassure anyone who asks you now. It's a good idea to 'google' for more info whenever you receive suspect email - or phone calls... (microsoft phone scam is one that catches a few people out)

All the best :)

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