Virtual Ghibli (amazing)

  wolfie3000 13:50 28 May 2011

I know this technically should be in the gaming section but I feel even non gamers can appreciate the sheer beauty and effort that went into this.

Some guys made scenes from some Studio Ghibli films in Minecraft.

For those not familiar with Minecraft, think of it as a huge virtual lego set.


The time that must have gone into this staggers me, Also how many Studio Ghibli film sets do you recognize?

  wolfie3000 13:33 02 Jun 2011

No comments so far?

  dagbladet 14:08 02 Jun 2011

Right seeing as you're going to nag ;-) I gave it a look.

I managed 28 seconds of what appeared to be a nondescript Lego cartoon. Slightly remeniscent (sp?) of a sequence in Monsters inc.

Each to their own. Did nothing for me.

  Snec 15:14 02 Jun 2011

I agree, Wolfie. Virtual modeling when done properly is truly amazing, and you are right, the amount of effort required is enormous. People who have not tried it cannot understand the hours of painstaking effort that goes into stuff like this. I've done a bit myself. Not of this magnitude though but enough to appreciate the talent this person has. Virtual modeling is not easy.

  Belatucadrus 15:22 02 Jun 2011

I've watched quite a bit of Miyazaki but can't really count myself as a Ghibliphile, with the exception of stuff like Mononoke it's just a bit cute for my taste. Think I'll stick with Mamoru Oshii.

PS Did the gun toting Catshit bunnies live up to expectations ?

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