Virginia Tech shootings made into video game

  David1979 12:23 14 May 2007

Someone's made a flash game version of the events at Virginia Tech last month:

click here

Is this even less sensitive than Super Columbine Massacre RPG? Does treating tragedy in a light-hearted manner demean people's suffering, or is it the only way to cope? Are video games different to other media when it comes to serious and horrifying subjects like this? And, as one of the reviewers said, would it have been more acceptable if the player got to kill Cho rather than taking his role in the events?

What does everyone think about this?

David Price
PC Advisor

  g0slp 12:32 14 May 2007

This is sick, but it's not suprising that someone's made a game of this tragedy. Common decency went out of the window a few years ago, I'm afraid.

  Totally-braindead 12:45 14 May 2007

Very sick.

  TOPCAT® 13:26 14 May 2007

How can anyone be so insensitive to the feelings of the bereaved so soon after this tragic event. This 'Pigpen' person should be totally confined for a very long time in one. Further words fail me! TC.

  €dstowe 16:28 14 May 2007

Why am I not surprised?

There'll be a feature film soon as well.

  SB23 16:49 14 May 2007

I'm absolutely gobsmacked that it has even been allowed onto the website. As for reviewers saying its in bad taste, in my opinion that doesn't even begin to cover it.

The person is a very sick individual, and the game should be pulled off the website.

  Forum Editor 19:52 14 May 2007

to learn that the world is full of insensitive, disfunctional people. What's happened is that the internet has made it possible for just about anybody to publish just about anything about almost any subject under the sun. If the published content is outrageous enough, and concerns something that has been in the news, the absolute certainty is that within a short time we'll all know about it.

That's what has happened here, and although we're all going to express shock and horror we shouldn't be surprised. One person has done something that most other (but not all) people find distasteful. The best way of dealing with it is not to provide it with the oxygen of even more publicity. This person can't be insulted - he's immune to our expressions of distaste - so why bother?

Check out the responses on David's blog if you want to see how people react to someone they'll never meet, and cannot reach on any level. Raging in a vacuum may provide some kind of release, but it isn't going to achieve anything in cases like this. The best reaction is no reaction, but I admit that at times it's easier to give that advice than to follow it.

  WhiteTruckMan 02:31 15 May 2007

of the creator of this 'game', that out of a hundred million sperm what a pity that was the one that got through.


  wolfie3000 03:42 15 May 2007

I dont understand what the fuss is about,
Thousands of people die each day unjustly yet no one bats an eyelid,
Yet someone make a crude flash game and everyones up in arms.

I played the game and gotta say the guy who made it needs to learn how to draw better in flash.

Also another point is that theres worse things on the internet that you would probably be more offended at.

  Weskit 18:21 15 May 2007

I thought similar bad taste was shown on last week's "Have I Got News For You". Surprised it wasn't deleted.

  Kate B 18:28 15 May 2007

Tasteless indeed, but Peter is right - don't give the guy the pleasure of a reaction.

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