Virgin Media/NTL Broadband

  pj123 17:11 28 Jul 2008

Looks like Virgin Media/NTL cable broadband have delivered on their promise to update my BB from 4mb to 10mb during the summer 2008.

I was on BB 4mb but just recently I downloaded a 430mb file from the BBC and it showed downloading as 9.3mb.

  JYPX 17:13 28 Jul 2008

pj123 - Tell us where you are please!

  pj123 17:31 28 Jul 2008

Tried another download from the BBC website just to make sure the first wasn't a fluke.

This one came in at 9.9mb

I am in Norwich.

  skeletal 17:39 28 Jul 2008

Lucky you. I have been paying for "20M" for some time and have never had more than 11M. Has been as low as 400k!


  polish 18:30 28 Jul 2008

i have also had the increase i live in ellesmere port they have lived up to there promise

  octal 19:49 28 Jul 2008

Are you using a modem or are you using a set-top box? The reason I ask is I'm supposed to be able to get that speed here in east London, but they say I've got to upgrade the set-top box, so far I haven't bothered.

  powerless 22:34 28 Jul 2008

Phone 'em up.

  skeletal 10:03 29 Jul 2008

Powerless: Perhaps I should. The problem is that it is well known that almost no-one gets the max speeds ISPs quote. I have been assuming that this is the case with Virgin, although it is hard to understand slow speeds with a cable service.

On the other hand, I'm sure I once read of someone who claimed to get near the 20M.

I need a speed boost myself to get around to all the jobs I should be doing...including chasing Virgin!


  pj123 13:09 29 Jul 2008

octal, it's a modem.

I started off with a set top box from NTL but it kept on giving problems. I asked them if I could have a modem and not use the set top box for the internet.

No problem, an engineer arrived a couple of days later and installed the modem for me (it needed a new cable input).

Since then it has only gone wrong once and the engineer came and swapped it for a newer version.

It then changed over from NTL to Virgin Media and I have now gone from 4mb to 10mb for the same price (£25 per month).

  BT 16:50 29 Jul 2008

I assume that's by modem but via the TV cable not the phone.

  pj123 17:16 29 Jul 2008

BT. Nothing to do with the TV cable or the Phone.

It has its own separate cable.

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