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  Quickbeam 09:11 05 May 2012

Broadband speeds are something that keeps getting mentioned this being a tech site and all that.

I just got an email from Virgin telling me that my speed has gone up from 10mb to 20 mb, that's not bad for something that I originally subscribed to at less than a 1mb service and have never asked to have a voluntary pay extra upgrade. 10 years ago, I would never have envisaged that I would get 20mb in a basic speed package.

I must be one of their more pleased customers.

  octal 09:37 05 May 2012

You are lucky, it's absolute rubbish in our area, I'm on 10MB cable and in the evening I may as well be on dial-up, 60% packet loss is the norm. There is a fault at the server and it has been like this for nearly a year and still no sign of a resolution. If it wasn't for the fact that we are planning on moving in the not too distant future I would cancel my whole VM package now, they certainly not be a consideration when I move, that's for sure.

  spuds 09:56 05 May 2012

In the area I live, quite a number of people took up one of Virgins special offers that was available last year. The neighbours that I have spoken with, in the main most are satisfied, but some are not, because of the varied broadband service that that seem to receive, compared to others only a few miles apart?.

  birdface 10:08 05 May 2012

If connected by cable you should not get any loss no matter what time of the day.

I like Quickbeam have been upgraded from 10mb to 20 Mb at no extra cost.And for 24 hours a day that is the speed I get.

octal. Are you connected by telephone connection or by cable.

If by cable maybe your signal is either to strong or to weak.They can fit connectors to the cable which should give you the proper signal.

Have you had the engineer out to check the cable.

  Quickbeam 10:54 05 May 2012

And I've just applied for the free combined router modem superhub which I need to get the new speed.

The old modem has been having off days for a while with intermittent faults that aren't on fault when they do the online checks, so that upgrade suits me fine.

  frybluff 11:01 05 May 2012

There may be other things to moan about, with virgin, but, personally, I find speeds pretty reliable.

I'm paying for 20 (not yet upgraded), and almost always get between 17 & 19. Occassionally, it may drop to 10, but that's only for an hour or two, and rare.

A couple of months ago, it was rubbish, for a week, but that may have been to do with preparatory work, for the upgrade.

  birdface 11:07 05 May 2012


Hope it is not going into the bedroom where you sleep.

It is like blackpool illuminations at night and lights up the room.

If so you would need to switch it off every night.Small push in button underneath the reset hole at the bottom.

  Quickbeam 11:31 05 May 2012


If it's that bright I'll use a tea cosy, or pretend I'm a lighthouse keeper:)

  birdface 11:48 05 May 2012


Your house would light up like a Lighthouse as all the airvents are at the top.So no tea caddy.

I have a cd cover that I put in front of the Large blue buton on the front.That stops a bit of the annoying light till the lights go out.

There you go I get a nice new Superhub and I am still moaning.

Octal.Have you tried their Furum I find it very good and I have received help from them on a few occasions.As far as I know it is manned by Virginmedia staff.

  octal 13:54 05 May 2012


Have a look at this thread

and check out the date of when I started the thread.

I think you can now understand my frustration with them when I say as far as I'm concerned Virgin Media are useless, they couldn't careless as long as they still get their money.

I have written to them and all I get is lip service, well as far as I'm concerned the can shove their product, I will not be going down the VM route in the future.

I was coming home today and a bus past me with an advert on the side "Still buffering? Catch up with Virgin Broadband" oh really?

  Input Overload 15:10 05 May 2012

Seems a bit slow here at the moment, any ideas?

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