Vintage Singer chairs

  Colonel Graham 15:52 12 Jun 2011

My friend was given four of these many years ago. He has now restored them and is looking to sell them. I was amazed to see the value put on them on eBay. Why are they selling for £100 each?

eBay item

  lucky1 18:59 12 Jun 2011

I thought at first you meant Ella Fitzgerald or someone from that era!

  Forum Editor 22:44 12 Jun 2011

Why are they selling for £100 each?

The answer to that is simple - people want them, and they're becoming rarer. Both of those factors create a recipe for rising prices.

  Colonel Graham 23:22 12 Jun 2011

I can appreciate that, but what are the buyers going to do with them?

  Forum Editor 06:14 13 Jun 2011

Presumably they're going to put them in a room and admire them, and or sit on them.

  Crosstrainer2 06:32 13 Jun 2011

The tables also fetch £££ I have 8 in storage, with the pedals et al. Was going to get rid, but after reading this, perhaps I will wait.

The old machines fetch a high price too!

  Quickbeam 08:14 13 Jun 2011

I remember in the 60s' my mother put an old singer table cast frame out in the garden and planted clematis under it to grow over because it was just a piece of worthless old iron!

I wonder if it's still in that back garden in Bromley? Anyway that's what the passage of time does for old items.

  Crosstrainer2 09:17 13 Jun 2011

Quick beam

Find it quickly. A coat of black paint will tidy it a treat!

  Condom 23:33 13 Jun 2011

I used to go to a little restaurant on the south coast near Worthing and all the tables were singer tables still with the treddle but no sewing machine. I had somewonderful meals in there and I can't remeber it's name. Old age.

  Forum Editor 00:03 14 Jun 2011

Years ago - in another life - I was checking out a building with a view to converting it into an IT centre for a major brewery company. They were using it as a store-house for what they referred to as 'junk'.

It was stuffed with old pub furniture, amongst which were dozens and dozens of old cast-iron 'Britannia' bar tables with Mahogany tops. They were coated with rust and the tops were in various stages of decay, and when I mentioned them someone said, 'Oh, don't worry, we'll get all those dumped.'

I wish I could get my hands on them now.

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