Vile pervert, the musical

  [DELETED] 10:32 06 Oct 2009

Seems Jonathan King has released a musical called Vile pervert.

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Is this in poor taste or will it challenge peoples perceptions of peadophiles?

  [DELETED] 12:30 07 Oct 2009

"Is this in poor taste or will it challenge peoples perceptions of peadophiles?"

I dont think anything in this world could ever change peoples attitude towards peadophiles and rightly so. Illness or no illness their actions ruin childerns and families.

Is sexual disire a mental or physiacal illness? In my opinion no its not, its to easy for criminals to hide behind an excuse of mental illness and all it does is make people more wary of people with mental issues.

The argument people are making saying it must be an illness due to the law not being a deterant doesn't stand up to me. Criminals do what they do because they believe in their minds they wont be caught. Even in counties that have capital punishment people still commit the crime.

There is a simple solution that will "cure" anyone who has this "illness" and in some Europeon countries it is already in place, the cure being chemical/phyical castration.

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