Vile pervert, the musical

  wolfie3000 10:32 06 Oct 2009

Seems Jonathan King has released a musical called Vile pervert.

click here

Is this in poor taste or will it challenge peoples perceptions of peadophiles?

  dagnammit 11:03 06 Oct 2009

Wolfie, you're joking aren't you?

Change the perception of paedophiles? They are a vile and dangerous risk to the innocence of children.

Yeah, these are harmless people click here

  Quickbeam 11:15 06 Oct 2009

"This movie and music challenge assumptions. It is unlike anything you have ever seen before - emotionally, dramatically, technically and spiritually."
Can't argue with that statement...

But it's not the first time the subject's been done in a musical. Townsend was aware of it and concerned enough to bring it into the open some decades ago when he wrote 'Tommy' the rock opera.

  Quickbeam 11:19 06 Oct 2009
  Quickbeam 12:19 06 Oct 2009

Has anyone watched it from the link? He clearly doesn't believe he's in anyway guilty of anything except openly plagiarising the Monty Python style of black humour.

He really comes over as a very sad, bitter and twisted bloke...

  lotvic 12:24 06 Oct 2009

Unsavoury, pervert.

  dagnammit 12:44 06 Oct 2009

I watched a few minutes and then closed it.

  interzone55 13:18 06 Oct 2009

"He clearly doesn't believe he's in anyway guilty of anything"

That is the case with paedophiles, they truly do not believe they're doing anything wrong...

  Proclaimer 15:07 06 Oct 2009

having watched it, (skipping some songs) he claims his innocence in this musical. He has some interesting points to put across to prove his innocence and it would interesting to see if they could be proved independently.

  Forum Editor 17:38 06 Oct 2009

Fair enough, and I'm pleased to see that - unlike some others - you didn't decide to trot out the usual stream of prejudiced abuse.

Jonathan King is as entitled as anyone else to use the internet to put his version of events across. King has always maintained that he was innocent of the charges brought against him,although he admitted having sex with under-age partners. He claims that in the 1960's such behaviour was rife in the music industry, and there is certainly evidence to suggest that he's right. King says he was singled out for a witch-hunt, and points to numerous inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the evidence that was used by the prosecution.

The film isn't just released, by the way - it was published early in 2008.

  lotvic 17:46 06 Oct 2009

I watched the first 20 minutes, although the flasher at the start was enough to put me off and for me it set the tone of the rest of the film.
Not impressed.

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