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  simonjary 15:04 24 Jul 2014


We've added a video ad unit that appears on forum pages. At the moment it's showing a Dell Commonwealth Games ad.

We have limited these to two per day per user on the forums (as long as you have cookies enabled of course!) so hope they are not too intrusive.

The ads don't play the audio unless you scroll your cursor over them, and go silent as soon as the cursor is taken away. After playing they disappear.

We do keep quite a few ad formats off the forums, but require some extra views so have added it here – temporarily (end of July), although a capped service may return at a later date.

If you see the ads more than twice a day (and have cookies enabled) please let us know, as we want the capping to work in everyone's interests.

It should therefore show to people visiting the forums for advice but not hit our regulars repeatedly.

Thanks for your consideration.


Publisher, PC Advisor

  Aitchbee 22:47 24 Jul 2014

Simon, I would be willing to pay a nominal annual fee of £1-a-month [ similar to the BBC annual tv licence fee which ensures virtually no advertising] to PCA. Can this be arranged? {PS. I tune-in to PCA every day ... TV watchin' plays second fiddle }

  BT 07:44 25 Jul 2014

I use Adblock and at the moment its saying its blocking 10 Ads on the PCA homepage. Things are so much faster without them.

  Portal11 07:46 25 Jul 2014

Hi guys its been a couple of years since i last posted on here lol, so hope everyone's kept ok? Mmmm these adverts are becoming very in your face,i like "Aitchbee" would rather pay for an annual fee as see these ads? the net has become just a hub for ads? i check my email regardless if i pay for the account there is adverts? i goto Virgin media to log into my BB its adverts on main page, i goto my bank its adverts? i read a story on the news (Apart from the beeb) & its another saturation of adverts? whilst i appreciate the revenue companies gain from adverts i think these new "Video" type ones are well OTT.

  simonjary 07:04 26 Jul 2014

We will look to see if we can exclude ads for paying subscribers. It all depends on the technology and cost, but I will raise this with the Development team.

  spuds 11:24 26 Jul 2014

It seems to be a regular issue about advertisements on this website, but its been stated many times, that there are ways of stopping the adverts, and it makes you wonder why some people do not try installing certain software, if the adverts offend that much?.

Now as to speed or site error messages, then I would suspect that is another issue, that need attention at times, and it would be interesting to know how this effects the Development team?.

  sunnystaines 15:29 07 Aug 2014

do not mind ads as long as not in your face or flashing etc like we had in the past ages ago.

what i would suggest is that the ads are tested before adding to the forum [have a test form set up for this purpose with a selection of browsers] to ensure no slow downs or freeze ups that have occured often in the past.

pca running quiet well these days.

  spuds 12:14 08 Aug 2014

I also use Adblocker Plus with Google Chrome on this website. Annoying adverts seem a thing of the past?.

  sunnystaines 19:07 08 Aug 2014

same as spuds

  simonjary 06:33 09 Aug 2014

We haven't run any of the video ads since August 4.

The video unit you see on the right hand side, which Jock1e refers to, is not an ad but links to PC Advisor videos. It plays videos only if the reader clicks on it so I really can't see how this is "annoying" in any way.

You might as well say that any link on a page is annoying. If you don't click it it won't play, and if you do then you get an editorial video about the subject the clicker is interested in.

Yes, when we sell video ads then we might run these before the editorial video plays (called pre-roll) but otherwise it's ad free – and many people find our tutorials, news and reviews videos of interest.


Publisher, PC Advisor

  Secret-Squirrel 12:33 09 Aug 2014

"Looks like we are stuck with it as we cannot remove it......I still think it is crap mind you but looks like I will have to get used to it."

You can tell Adblock Plus to block it:

Whilst on the problem webpage, click the ABP button (top-right) -> click "Open Blockable Items" -> Using the "Search" box, search for jwplayer -> right-click the top entry in the filtered list and choose "Block this item" -> click "Add Filter".

Refresh the page and all those "Trending Tech Video" items that you find annoying should now be missing.

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