Victoria Beckham: Coming To America - Thank God!

  HighTower 19:22 07 Aug 2007

I was subject to some of this TV program (an hour long 'special'!)as I was in the same room as my wife who was watching it whilst I was reading a mag.

In the end I left the room. It was the most cringeworthy TV since Big Brother 8!

Almost makes me embarrased to be British!

  Pineman100 19:30 07 Aug 2007


  HighTower 21:22 07 Aug 2007

Revision to post:

Makes me embarassed to be British.

Thank you! :-)

  mammak 21:36 07 Aug 2007

What am I missing here? what on earth has Victoria Beckham ever done to make you or anyone else embarassed to be British tell me please

give her a break eh!.

  HighTower 22:36 07 Aug 2007

Did you actually see the program?

  Forum Editor 22:36 07 Aug 2007

I recommend a trip to Los Angeles - you'll come away realising that Victoria is pretty tame compared to many of the people who live there.

You have to understand that the film was made with everyone's tongue planted firmly in the cheek. Victoria knows precisely what people expect of her, and she delivers.

  HighTower 23:21 07 Aug 2007

but for me it just didn't work. If it was intended to be 100% spoof then to be honest I just found it to be a fairly self indulgent affair, almost an attempt to send herself up in an ozzy-esque way to promote 'brand beckham'.

I guess I've just had enough of the whole celeb culture and am just bitter and twisted because they are far richer than I'll ever be! :-)

  Forum Editor 23:48 07 Aug 2007

because they are far richer than I'll ever be"

Well at least you're honest about it, which is more than many others can manage.

Victoria Beckham knows she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and she knows she'll not win any beauty contests, so she makes the absolute most of the assets she has, to wit... being married to the world's most marketable footballer, and being very rich in her own right. She knows exactly how show business works, and she knows exactly how to work the media. She also knows that the gravy train will one day pull into a siding, and the glitzy days will be over. She's made a conscious decision to make as much money as possible while the cameras are turned her way, and she will have the last laugh.

An awful lot of people have tried to do what she's doing and have failed. Her critics in this country make the mistake of taking it all too seriously, and of letting their obvious envy show through. In Los Angeles they know how to admire a winner, and Victoria is a winner with a capital W. Unlike us, Americans don't find it necessary to constantly knock anyone who makes money.

  Strawballs 00:05 08 Aug 2007

How can you say she is a winner since the spice girls split up she has been a big LOSER with a capital L in her own field of music she is just hanging on to the shirt tail of her husband.

  HighTower 08:04 08 Aug 2007

"Unlike us, Americans don't find it necessary to constantly knock anyone who makes money."

I wouldn't necessarily agree with that comment as the American media have absolutely slated the production. Although that could be because they just haven't understood her 'humour' rather than because she has made money.

I suppose that my post was also intended to comment on celeb culture generally as well as pick VB out in particular - it's just her TV appearance was the last one I saw.

There are lots of very rich people around, her husband being one of them. David B is incredibly wealthy but has incredible talent, and this has been evident in his last few months at Real Madrid. He's made a lot of money but he's one of the best in the world and has come back after been knocked down many times - so good on him!

But I still maintain that I did find this TV pretty painful viewing!

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