Victim blaming or plain common sense?

  oresome 17:11 19 Aug 2018

The police and local council have apologised for giving the advise in the attached link.


click here

  Forum Editor 17:47 19 Aug 2018

No wonder Police moral is at such a low ebb.

All of us are to a certain extent responsible for protecting ourselves from harm, and protecting others, if we see that they are putting themselves into harm's way.

I cannot imagine the horror of being raped, and of course the rapist is always to blame. If the victim (or others) might have taken steps to avoid or even minimise the possibility of being raped however, it surely cannot be wrong or offensive to the victim for Police to to point that out in the hope that others might avoid the same fate.

We have become so obsessed with being 'correct' in every possible way that we have created an atmosphere in which people who go looking for something to be offended about will surely find it.

It's time such people grew up and realised that they have to get out there and make their own way in the world without expecting the rest of us to protect them from ever being offended by anything whatsoever.

  bumpkin 18:27 19 Aug 2018

Blame Blame Blame. No point in anthing if you can't blame someboby else..

  carver 08:08 21 Aug 2018

Sorry but there is no excuse for saying that or implying that a crime be it rape or something else wouldn't have happened if that person had been sober or that someone else could have prevented it by "stepping " in. i've seen the results of a rape where the girl was basically told by a police officer that "maybe" if she hadn't been drinking it may not have happened. She felt that the police partially blamed her for the crime.

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