charmingman 13:35 24 Apr 2007

wow this is a intresting website you know if you want to check you credit history or you keep getting refused credit & youve got to pay £5+ to find out why with the likes of companies like these ect:
click here
well i refuse to pay for it & its now paid off as this company i was informed of by a bank manager lets you view EVERYTHING on your credit scoring status for FREE...there a realy good & quick company & it can be done online...
try them its so easy...
click here

  riiverstock 14:06 24 Apr 2007

Although the say they work with Band and Brown Communications!? click here I would not usually entertain an online company which does not have a real contact address on their web contact page click here .

  bobbyburtie 15:58 24 Apr 2007

The credit report from garlik does not let you view everything on your credit scoring status, they don't use all three credit reference agencies and you may find that information on some of your accounts is not shown in the report they provide.

Also they provide one credit report free, after that if you want an updated report they charge £6.00 or £7.00 each.

  dagbladet 16:00 24 Apr 2007

They seem to have quite an impressive team.

click here

  oresome 19:22 24 Apr 2007

I understand that making checks on your credit rating are logged and an "excessive" number counts against you.

Excessive is three or more from memory. Presumably they take some view as to why you're doing it.

  interzone55 21:32 24 Apr 2007

I found I was being refused credit, even though I had an impeccable credit history, so I was advised to use Credit Expert.

click here

They did a free credit report for me, and I found that I had a black mark against my name from my last car finance company, who I had taken to court for supplying a faulty vehicle. They reported me for none payment AFTER I had won my case and returned the vehicle for full refund.

Luckily Credit Expert negotiated with the company and the black mark was removed and I was able to apply for a load again.

Morale - you don't have to default on payments to get black listed, simply buying a faulty product from a company that forces you to take them to court rather than giving the refund you are entitled to can cause you to be refused credit in future.

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