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A very sad announcement about a great PCA forum contributor

  john bunyan 18:55 21 Jan 2015

I have the sad duty to inform fellow forum members of the fact the our good friend Woolwell died on 12th Jan following a long illness which he bore with exemplary courage. He was so helpful on most of the forums and a leading winner in Brumas' Friday evening puzzles. I have been in direct touch with him for some time, and have his widow's permission to record his passing on this forum. A quote from "Mrs Woolwell" "It was one of the first places he visited when logging on to his computer, and I know he enjoyed some real distant friendships with other users. It made him very happy to provide advice, and also to speak to other kindred spirits."

I am sure we all share fond memories of a great participant here and his loss (at only 67) is very sad. 20:28 21 Jan 2015

Please pass on my condolances to Mrs Woolwell and family.

Having only recently come out of hospital myself after two major operations I now realise just how fortunate I am to still be alive. He was the same age as me.

Friday nights will be poorer without him.

  martd7 20:37 21 Jan 2015

Very sad news condolences to woolwells wife and family,he will be missed on this forum

  Aitchbee 21:38 21 Jan 2015

I am sad to hear of Woolwell's passing. His presence and guiding hand will be missed by everyone on the forum. My condolences to Mrs Woolwell and family.

  Nontek 21:48 21 Jan 2015

Very sad news indeed. My sincere condolences to Mrs Woolwell and close Friends and Family - so young too at only 67.

  Al94 22:46 21 Jan 2015

That is sad news, he will be a great loss to the forum. Condolences to his wife and family.

  Forum Editor 22:50 21 Jan 2015

I am sorry to hear that - Woolwell was one of the old familiar names to me. It's a fact that in a forum that has been online for so long we are bound to receive such news occasionally, but that doesn't make it any the less upsetting to hear.

Please be sure to pass on the condolences of all of us at PCA to Woolwell's wife. He'll be sorely missed.

  Brumas 23:04 21 Jan 2015

I have just come onto the computer and seen this very sad announcement, please pass on both Fran and I's heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

His was always the voice of wisdom and maturity, knowledge and propriety, I never met him but wish I had!

As FE says, He'll be sorely missed.

  mole1944 05:28 22 Jan 2015

Sad news please pass on my condolences,he will be sadly missed,we are more than a forum we are family,and a close one as well.F.E if you could be so kind as to print out the tributes and give it to the appropriate person i'm sure we would all be grateful.

  Quickbeam 07:54 22 Jan 2015

I also send my condolences.

  morddwyd 08:03 22 Jan 2015

Farewell, old friend.

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