VERY Nice Xmas For Mp's..!

  24/7 10:51 20 Oct 2008

Dont know why they should get this,the state of things as if they deserve it...

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:27 20 Oct 2008

So, at a time of crisis when we all need to pull our fingers out, that shower are taking an extended leave. It really sends out the wrong messages to the UK population.
'He is said to be rethinking giving us an extra Bank Holiday, longer maternity leave and more flexitime for parents as he helps the UK economy weather the current economic turmoil'.....and how pray, by all the pig's backsides on planet earth, will this help the economy or have I got economic theory totally wrong?

This is becoming more like a Brian Rix farce as each day passes and it is fairly obvious that our leaders and our elected representatives are totally out of their depth and just doling out sound bites.

I don't care what anyone says about having to be clever and educated to be Leader of the House of Commons but Coco Harman is a clown of the first order. She needs to learn that you lead by example, rather simple philosophy if you ask me.


  lofty29 11:31 20 Oct 2008

Let us face it being an mp has only ever been regarded as a part-time job, they have always been free to pursue their main occupation. The only ones who are regarding as being fully employed are the ministers, which is why they have to give up other interests. Hopefully after the next election some of them will be looking for proper jobs with the mess the country is now in, but whoever is in charge then we will all be looking at massive tax increases to pay back all of the borrowing that is taking place now.

  Noldi 11:41 20 Oct 2008

24 Days that would be nice.

This year I get 11 days off by taking 3 days holiday, first time I have had more than 2 days at Christmas since 1988.
But still a couple of months to go somebody can still come and screw it up.


  birdface 11:47 20 Oct 2008

Yes not very thoughtful of them.When everyone else has to watch there purse strings and they take another fortnights holiday with pay.It is not one of the their best decisions.

  peter99co 11:50 20 Oct 2008

They have decided to use Your Money to spend our way out of the recession. All capital projects will continue as before.

  Taff™ 12:10 20 Oct 2008

They can have the extra days providing that on 17th December Gordon Brown announces a General Election in January.

  24/7 12:14 20 Oct 2008

Well im like them ive got ALL of the christmas period off & before it & after it cause i cant find any work... whereas they are getting paid & ive to struggle with my wife & son on £88 per there any wonder no one truste GB & this goverment ...

AS is said "Rich getting Richer-Poor Getting Poorer" i thought this was one of the main issues with GB..???? he needs to look closer to home then where he is...TERRIBLE!!!!

  Noldi 12:17 20 Oct 2008

"It is not one of the their best decisions".

May be it is we have a saying at work that a man who never makes a mistake made nothing.

So in 24 days with no mistakes maybe Team GB can recover.


  carver 12:20 20 Oct 2008

Don't be surprised if some bad news happens to come out the day after they break up for their jolly days.

That way they can have a nice long time before they have to answer any questions.

But you have to remember how hard they work the rest of the year, having to turn up at the House of Commons for 11.30 AM, having to sit there for at least 1 hour before they can have lunch, and some times they may have to attend nearly every day.

Stressfull life for them.

  newman35 13:24 20 Oct 2008

Nothing short of ridiculous.

MPs, if they accept this elongated holiday in the current crisis, will be berated for it for a long time. Seems the Opposition are against it, so why on earth is GB allowing it?
He's been in a 'good' spell - why make a decision like this and throw such ammunition to the Tories?

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