A very interesting person Cliff Stoll?.

  spuds 13:13 27 Jul 2013

We often hear about hacking and all the other dubious things about the use and usage of the internet, and how for some of us it can get rather confusing, especially if governments appear to get involved on the more 'fragile' sides of things.

Yesterday I was watching a documentary about global forensic science, and how things have turned out from 1986, and especially how Clifford Stoll became involved via a 75 cent curiosity that eventually raised forensic science on the internet, to perhaps what it is today?.

Here's a couple of links:

click here


  spuds 13:18 27 Jul 2013

With the second link, it would seem that the underscores have made a mess of things.

I'll try again, if it doesn't work, can someone provide the appropriate link?

click here

  spuds 13:24 27 Jul 2013

The second link now works, but be warned Clifford Stoll might not be your average guy, perhaps more of an amusing eccentric geek?.

  lotvic 21:16 27 Jul 2013

I found that fascinating. Have to agree he's certainly an eccentric geek :)

  Aitchbee 21:38 27 Jul 2013

You can see Cliff in the link below [ it's only for folks with fast broadband connections. ]

click here

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