Very big problem

  kiddgame2000 09:25 24 Mar 2006

Recently i have noticed something very worrying, i no longer take pleasure in playing computer games in any form and especially on my PC.

I want to take pleasure in it because since i was about 5 i have loved playing all sorts of computer games at any oppertunity but no matter what i try at the minute i cant seem to get any enjoyment. I even went back and played some of my favourite games ever but i still got no enjoyment from them.

Whats happening to me, i am really looking forward to the new tomb raider legends but i dont know if even that will excite me.

Am i growing to old to play games anymore?

Can anyone suggest anything really good to play?

  Sapins 09:28 24 Mar 2006


  rmcqua 09:31 24 Mar 2006

No seriously, if you are a "sad" person like me you can gain great satisfaction from beating "Maven" at computer scrabble.

  kiddgame2000 09:45 24 Mar 2006

I think it may be down to the fact i have less time to play games now but surely that would make the time i have to play them more enjoyable.

I need to get back to that child like enjoyment of games.

Anybody know any games that are just simply fun?

  hzhzhz 10:20 24 Mar 2006

I seem to have the same problem. I got stuck on Far Cry about 4 weeks ago and now have lost interest in gaming. I was in my local pc shop yesterday and saw the ads for the new TR and the sales chap said its supposed to be brilliant so like you I hope that this new TR will put some enjoyment into gaming. I want something as good as TR2. One of the best games Ive played in the last year was Manhunt even though the theme is of very extreme violence its absolutely hilarious in my view, especially the level where the old tramp follows you around. It is very violent though. Another game which I found to be fun is Munchs' Oddesey. I think that the accent recently has been too much on the graphical quality of games and not the quality of gameplay but thats just my opinion.Im well over 50 and still want keep on pc gaming. Dominoes! aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh.Thats for really old folks :-)

  spuds 10:24 24 Mar 2006

If you use Windows XP Home, then click on games,Spider Solitaire and rack your brain for a few minutes or hours. Failing that, Hangaroo or as previously suggested dominoes (self/computer or on-line).

  hzhzhz 10:28 24 Mar 2006

Perhaps try these click here

  Wak 11:08 24 Mar 2006

Or try your hand at golf>
click here

  freaky 11:49 24 Mar 2006

It could be that subconsciously you brain has turned off liking the type of game you play.

I am in raptures with Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle-Earth. Been playing it for a year at different levels.

Just got the sequel Battle for Middle-Earth (2)which I started last week. This appears even better, but have had to buy a new graphics card to cope !!

If you like strategy games then this is the best I have ever played - very realistic with an excellent interface.

  kiddgame2000 12:14 24 Mar 2006

Tomb raider 2 was probably my favourite game ever so if the new one gives me as much pleasure as it did then my problem is over.

You could be right freaky all i ever play is first person shooters and RTS games. I have age of empires 3 and as brilliant as it is i just cant seem to bring myself to play it at the minute. Far cry is brilliant as well, as is the origional unreal tournament but both of them are doing nothing for me.

Perhaps i will try a few new types of games. I have never played an RPG and the new elder scrolls game is getting very good reviews or perhaps something fun like fifa street but that is definatly one for the PS2.

Just out of interest, what do you play your games on?

I have rules. FPS and RTS on PC. Racing and sports games on PS2. Its all about the controls.

  De Marcus™ 12:22 24 Mar 2006

Perhaps your simply outgrowing them.

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