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The verdict is delivered what next then?

  Cymro. 11:11 24 Sep 2019

BBC news link

So where do we go from here then?

  Dunk 10:16 28 Sep 2019

john bunyan

Whether Scotland dissolves our Union or not has everything to do with the thread title of "what happens next". It was the Scottish Court of Session that led the Supreme court to it's judgement - so the Scottish question is totally wrapped up in the title of this thread.

If things are that bad, up there, why is it that the SNP (according to the BBC), are looking likely to maybe take ALL seats in Scotland if a GE is called just now? Yet we in England still say we want to keep hold of them, possibly against their will, so that we can continue to fund this deficit for them - it's crazy logic. Even Ruth Davidson gave up the fight, and resigned.

  john bunyan 12:46 28 Sep 2019


The Supreme Court also reversed the English Appeal Court verdict- it was NOT solely based on the Scottish Court of Sessions. The SNP success is because Scotland are disillusioned with Labour and are fed up with Tories like “ posh boy” Johnson and hs friends. They are increasingly moving towards independence and are ignoring the economic consequences in their nationalistic fervour.

The Government, in my view, are giving too little weight to this issue.

We will have to disagree on the value of Scotland, I think the cost is worth it for too many reasons to go into here. The U.K. has proved its Union’s worth for hundreds of years, far longer than our EU membership.

Please, out of courtesy to the OP start a different thread on Indy. A couple of years ago a good contributor, s**9 was banned for obsessive Indy discussions so please try to cut back Scotland issues here or start your own thread. Maybe FE will comment?

  Dunk 13:33 28 Sep 2019

john bunyan

I accept your admonishment, and will post no more.

As a final point I would simply disagree with your statement that "The SC ruling was to interpret existing law, and had no Scottish direct input."

1) Gina Miller asked the English High Court to judge on the prorogation, and it said it could not make a judgement.

2) Ms Cherry asked the Scots High Court to do exactly the same, and it said it WAS unlawful in Scots law.

3) It thus went to the Supreme court to rule, and they decided, by 11-0, to accept the Scottish law decision, not our English one.

If that's not Scots directly affecting the case then I don't know what is. But what do I know?

  Forum Editor 13:42 28 Sep 2019

One political subject is - understandably - dominating at the moment, and until that has concluded it might be better to leave Scottish Independence discussion for another time.

I don't say this to be in any way censorial - Scottish independence discussions are important, but Brexit will have a major effect on us all, and I think we should concentrate on that for now.

  john bunyan 15:23 28 Sep 2019


I am in no position to “admonish” anyone, sorry. Please continue your usual input, much of which I agree with. We can continue the other issue when the time comes.

I just wish that senior politicians could have more decorum. If only, as I hoped, 3 years ago, that a cross party committee on Brexit could have been arranged, as Tories and Labour both stood on manifestos to accept the referendum result. Mrs May should have “reached out” to others rather than her mantra of “strong and stable Government “. People, extremists, like Cummings, will, in the end, be judged to have done irreparable harm to our country

  Quickbeam 15:39 28 Sep 2019

**"They are increasingly moving towards independence and are ignoring the economic consequences in their nationalistic fervour. The Government, in my view, are giving too little weight to this issue."**

If they did give it it's due weight of consideration, that would also be an admission of the economic folly of Brexit!

Just saying...

  john bunyan 15:49 28 Sep 2019


Agreed, we’re the same. The ERG seem, to me, a jingoistic bunch.

  Dunk 16:33 28 Sep 2019


No need to say sorry. I get annoyed about the amount of taxes you tell me are heading north, I want to stop it, so if I can argue to get rid of them, then I do - and get carried away a bit.

Did you see the Brexit party man on the Friday morning BBC Politics show actually saying that in his opinion ..."there should be riots" ? Some days before a young man was done for 'inciting a riot' in a tweet, yet this bloke does it on TV, and nothing happens?

However I see there may be a VONC early next week - getting interesting again. click here

  john bunyan 16:45 28 Sep 2019


See my 0832 post!

  Dunk 17:22 28 Sep 2019

I'm a bit confused john, I posted a link about a VONC, how does that tie in with the " alleged 'scandal' about the blonde woman and grants to her company", that you linked to at 0832?

Anyway the more problems Boris has the better I like it.

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