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The verdict is delivered what next then?

  Cymro. 11:11 24 Sep 2019

BBC news link

So where do we go from here then?

  Govan1x 15:58 27 Sep 2019


What I meant was the Tory party this time which party next.

As for the SNP siding with the labour party. A party that has totally ignored the SNP on many occasions.

But at least the SNP has a part to play but only when other political party's want something from them. Different story when the SNP are looking for help and the door is shut in their face.

They have no love for the labour party or the Tory party and voting against the Tory party might put an end to their chances of another referendum for independence.

2nd problem with the SNP is if they leave the EU with the rest of us. The chances of getting getting back into the EU if the get Independence would be slim.

Some of the people of Scotland are like us and would not vote for independence if they had to be part of the EU and certainly would not want to be part of it if they had to use their monetary system.

So I would say the SNP are not helping themselves by complaining so much.

  Govan1x 16:10 27 Sep 2019

Who said Politics was dull.

There is never a dull moment when Boris is around.

Like him or loath him he certainly brings a bit of life back to the Political arena.

Newsworthy. For all the right or wrong reasons there is never a day goes bye that he is not on the world news.

Now what the UK has to be aware of is if the Tory Party [Boris] do win the next General Election with a large overall majority that is when the real fun and games should start.

  Dunk 18:11 27 Sep 2019


As I see it, the SNP are not 'siding' with Labour, they are acting correctly as an opposition party by saying they would support a temporary Corbyn premiership so that they could bring down Boris with a VONC - a perfectly acceptable move by an opposition party. It now means the Libdems have to make their minds up, or Boris continues.

How does going against Tories mean the SNP will never get another Scot referendum - I have a feeling they won't need anyone's permission. Remember Cox (and other Tories) have said in the Commons that any country in a Treaty of union, under international law, has the right to unilaterally withdraw from that treaty. Of course he was talking about the European union and the UK saying it didn't need the EU's permission when they held the referendum in 2016.

It's presumably exactly the same for Scotland if they wish to have one about ending the UK Treaty of Union, and I think International law would back them.

As for Scotland not being able to get back into the EU, I think they would not have any bother - and this has already been said by the EU. It is said that Scotland is geographically vital in North Atlantic defence terms, so I think the EU would be happy to have them for that, alone.

Finally, no country in the EU (or applying) is forced to use the Euro, did the UK have to join the Euro? That answers that question.

I'm very happy for the SNP to get out of the UK, and I have to say they seem to have some pretty good politicians/lawyers up there, who may bring this about, take a bow Ms Cherry QC! Wish we had more of the same in England to defeat Boris and his gang.

  Quickbeam 21:42 27 Sep 2019

"As for Scotland not being able to get back into the EU."

Apparently when applying for EU membership it's not a case of going straight to the bottom of the list on application, it's about how EU ready you are. As Scotland is currently (at least for the moment) inside the EU, then it is already fully EU compliant, so would almost instantly fit into the existing EU regulatory requirements with a minimum of fuss.

Unlike Turkey, which is thought to be decades away from being anything like EU compliant. So no scary Turkish invasion within our lifetime then...

  john bunyan 23:40 27 Sep 2019

With a 9% fiscal deficit, I doubt they would satisfy the EU criteria of less than 2 1/2 %

  Govan1x 23:44 27 Sep 2019

[ did the UK have to join the Euro? That answers that question.]

No but if Scotland cannot use the uk monetary system like they were told before the last referendum what are they going to use now.

That may have been fake news that was circulating during their referendum but may have been one of the reasons that the No vote won.

Its another wait and see for that as well.

  Govan1x 23:48 27 Sep 2019

I am getting a bit off subject with this one so will refrain from talking about Independence till nearer the time.

  john bunyan 08:32 28 Sep 2019

A other hill for Johnson to climb?

referred to police

  Dunk 09:19 28 Sep 2019


Currency issue - it was a lie, any country can decide to use the £, because it's an international currency. There are already Scottish notes in use, as there have been for as long as I can remember.

john bunyan

I'm sure I read an article a few days ago where one of the top-dogs in the EU said Scotland would have an easy entry, as they were already fully compliant with EU rules. Why would they say that if they know about the fiscal deficit you mention making it impossible? I will need to read up on this.

As to the latest 'Boris' saga - have we ever had such a 'mired' occupant of No 10, specially when he's only been in power a matter of days? What's coming next, I wonder?

  john bunyan 09:37 28 Sep 2019




However please let’s stick to the title of THIS thread not Indy 2

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