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The verdict is delivered what next then?

  Cymro. 11:11 24 Sep 2019

BBC news link

So where do we go from here then?

  Govan1x 14:24 26 Sep 2019


It was confirmed in the house of Commons yesterday that a new law or laws were made to reach the final verdict.

I would imagine the supreme court can make new laws or judgements when required.

It is not part of the House of commons who has there own laws.

But of course i could be wrong.

  Dunk 17:17 26 Sep 2019


Tony Blair established the Supreme Court some years ago (I think!), but not to make laws.

Judges ( in all courts) are there to judge on laws - not make them.

In a Parliamentary democracy ( which we still are - but only just, imho) is it not for Parliament to make the laws and the judiciary to decide on their application?

  Quickbeam 17:23 26 Sep 2019

Which is what happened.

  john bunyan 17:50 26 Sep 2019

Dunk, Govan1x

Common Law is developed by Judges, Statutes by Parliament. See

Common Law

Judges also interpret Statutes and try to ensure that the intent of Parliament in the Bill is correctly interpreted in a dispute.

  iscanut 19:02 26 Sep 2019

Unless I am missing something, what actual law has been broken. As I understand it, if a law has been broken, those found guilty face punishment. This has not happened. The original law lords did not find any law broken, saying it was political. I am cinfused.

  Quickbeam 20:10 26 Sep 2019

As I understand it, if he does it again, now that there is a ruling set, then it would be illegal.

They just declared the prorogation not legal, but as the Attorney General said yesterday, his interpretation was that it was legal. He was over ruled and a precedent is now set for the future.

I'll stand correcting though...

  john bunyan 21:10 26 Sep 2019

Prorogation was NOT declared unlawful ( not illegal either). It was the fact that the Queen and the Privy Council Commissioners were given misleads reasons for it. Evidence was produced that the true reason for the exceptionally long prorogation was to deprive Parliament of time to scrutinise Brexit negotiations. The excuse of a run up to a Queen’s Speech , even though the Parliament has sat for a long time was found to be excessively long. It seems so obvious to most of us and was predictable- in the hustings for selection for PM they all ruled it out.

I suspect Cummings had in all this, and in Johnson’s deliberately using the incorrect wording of the Bill to prevent a no deal Brexit , calling it the Surrender Bill, instead of the European Union (withdrawal) act.

Normal prorogation is not unlawful- this particular one was as the reason for it misled the Queen

  Govan1x 22:25 26 Sep 2019

Just a thought. It might be a very long time before the Tory party can rule again unless they get an overwhelming Majority in any general election.

I think the feeling in all other political party's Would be to gang up against the Tory party not allowing then to rule as they should.

Could this be the future of politics as we know it.

As the only party to stand up for brexit I would think the Tory party could do exceedingly well in the next election as they pick up voters from labour and the lib dems for all of the voters that voted to leave.

SNP could be the only other Political party that should gain votes.

Could be completely wrong of course but I think my summing up of what will happen seems feasible.

Latest betting seems to confirm my thoughts.

odds of 2/5 on the Conservatives gaining the most seats, followed by Labour with 15/4, the Liberal Democrats on 12/1 and the Brexit Party on 25/1.

  Quickbeam 03:41 27 Sep 2019

'....the Tory party not allowing then to rule as they should.'

This of course is the root of all the problems in modern politics, the Tories deep rooted belief in their right to rule...

  Quickbeam 09:09 27 Sep 2019

Is there 'right to rule' now on borrowed time?

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