Verbal diarrhoea

  User-275D703E-9E45-4660-90C50AEC01271F1A 21:13 18 Dec 2006

Having just been on another forum (screwfix talk)then coming back on here for my twice daily fix I realise what good forum this realy is, from the helps to the discussion there is'nt the same level of Verbal diarrhoea sprouted or verbal assaults on other members. It's nice to be amongst decent people. Merry Christmas to all.

  facepaint 21:30 18 Dec 2006

But after a while one does get sick of tea with plain sponge cake!

true facepaint but it seems to me that people are more likely to have a go at you than be nice or polite. when I was growing up I was taught if you can't say some thing nice then say nowt.

  bluto1 22:04 18 Dec 2006

Is fruit cake allowed?

  facepaint 22:35 18 Dec 2006

handyd,got to hand it to you.It did'nt take you long to noticed the jam.However,I'm afraid it's just out of your reach.

  wee eddie 00:10 19 Dec 2006

I can't imagine how you missed the arguments we all have, quite frequently as well.

However, the most of us do not resort to personal abuse or inappropriate language.

The reason for this is that, to resort to such methods weakens ones argument, it is tantamount to saying "I've got no answer to your reply and I won't admit that I've just lost the thread".

  facepaint 00:34 19 Dec 2006

wee eddie sounds like your in a bun fight with yourself.

handyd initially agreed with me but for some strange reason ,in the same breath, attacked me.And due to your told heavy session on the wind bags ,you are now attacking me.

Are you are reading from a different page than from the rest of us? Odd.Please leave the refereeing 'speak' to the FE.

  facepaint 00:43 19 Dec 2006

I get it? You don't think that wee eddie laughed at all the Scottish jokes but 'no mines'. re click here

  Forum Editor 00:51 19 Dec 2006

Are you ever going to learn?

The fact that it's the week before Christmas is the only thing standing between you and forum oblivion at the moment. I hate making public pronouncements like this, but you've totally ignored my previous email warnings, and I don't have the time to send another one.

Once and for all - stop making these veiled and offensive references to other forum members.

  facepaint 00:58 19 Dec 2006

With respect I'm sure it is always the right thing to do ; to defend one's self.
That is exactly what my mum taught me to do ,since I was a wee lad.

  p;3 02:07 19 Dec 2006

'a bookmark'

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