VE Day anniversary

  [DELETED] 14:19 08 May 2006

It is with some sadness that this, the 61st anniversary, seems to have passed without a mention in today`s newspapers.

It was a long time ago, but I believe there are some on this forum who may just remember it, and the relief that was felt by so many.

  johndrew 14:38 08 May 2006

There are fewer each year that actually remember much of that particular `punch up` - I gladly admit that I was very young at the time relatively unaware of what was going on and probably put to bed early on the day in question.

However I do agree that for those who served and those who stayed at home and still served it would be nice for at least a brief mention.

Even our Queen who celebrated outside in the streets on the particular day says little.

Also, sadly, 11th. November appears to mean less these days even though it refects all those lost in all conflicts since the 1914/18 argument - and there have been many.

Presumably all such memorable dates will go the way of VJ Day which has never had great prominence regardless of cost.

  [DELETED] 14:55 08 May 2006

Isn't there a plan where the two Anniversaries, VE Day and VJ Day are lumped together for later in the year so MP's holidays are not affected?

  [DELETED] 15:09 08 May 2006

I suppose that European aspect of WW2 was brought home to me forceably last week, following my visit to Bletchley Park.

Many of us are aware of the remarkable work done by those amazing people there, and the many lives that were saved as a result. This may well have included my Father in Law, who served in the British Merchant Navy throughout the war, despite being a citizen of the Irish republic, and a neutral.

It seems that the average UK tabloid reader is more interested knowing that Nicole Kidman still loves her ex-husband Tom Cruise, and David Beckham is going to promote Milk in TV ads in the USA.

  johndrew 15:17 08 May 2006

I`m unaware of any such plan but it doesn`t alter the true anniversay dates of either event. Even though Remembrance is held on the nearest Sunday to 11/11 most towns/cities sound some form of attention getter at 1100 hours on 11/11, this is not the case for VE & VJ days.

I am aware of the point I made about 11th. November reflecting all conflicts. It doesn`t detract from the need and want of individuals and groups to remember specific times and places such as VE & VJ days which mean a tremendous amount to them. We have no specific days for other conflicts such as Palestine, Malaya, Korea, Cyprus, Kenya, Aden, Falklands or Iraq (to name only a few) where servicemen and women lost their lives for this country, but people have memories and friendships which they need to maintain at least in remembrance even if they are unable to do so in the flesh.

  Forum Editor 18:54 08 May 2006

when it's a good idea to allow individuals the right to remember events in which they (or people they knew and loved) took part, without the necessity for a public show.

Time is passing - it's over sixty years since the last war ended - and although I'm not for a moment suggesting that we should all forget what happened (my own father was in the RAF Pathfinders squadron, and in Lancasters), I think we need to remember that the majority of people alive today have no personal recollections of what happened - and may not wish to be reminded by Public exhibitions of rememberance.

No doubt some people will violently disagree with what I've said, and of course they have a right to do so - just remember that I'll delete any attempt to post comments that may be offensive to others, this is a sensitive subject, and I'm happy to let it run, provided everyone can be mature about it.

  Noldi 19:41 08 May 2006

I remember a Rick Mears survival program about a group of WWII freedom fighters in the Eastern Europe region. They had a saying. "If you keep one eye on the passed you are blind in one eye but if you forget the passed you are blind in both eyes". That said it all for me.


  Noldi 19:43 08 May 2006

And they coud not spell past

  anskyber 19:51 08 May 2006

For what it is worth I honestly think that it is time we did set aside the specific day associated with VE Day unless for example it has a particular anniversary. (100years or whatever)

There is something about that idea in FEs comments although not as direct as I have put it.I suppose I am saying that the focus on a specific event or conflict has the potential to reduce in significance the importance of other events and conflicts.

We could all bring to this thread our own recollections of why something should never be forgotten, perhaps through the loss of someone or the personal experiences of taking part. My point is that for any memory to be of true relevance to the maximum number of people and for it to have the greatest impact on our future decisions there needs to be something more than picking a date or event we like or means the most to us as individuals.

My view is that we should set aside the specific dates like VE or whatever and have instead a generic memorial day which embraces the totality of the horror (yes and chivalry) of conflict.Like the recollections at any funeral it would be possible to include all events which have specific relevance (in terms of National conflict) to the individuals involved.

  [DELETED] 21:06 08 May 2006

I'm inclined to agree with you.

My late Grandfather served in the Mediterranean theatre, fighting against the Italians. He never liked to talk about it, although he did keep in touch with a couple of army friends and would regularly travel to visit them well into his eighties. He would hate the idea of overdone pomp and ceremony when a bit of quiet remembrance at the relevant time is much more appropriate, and his army buddies felt the same way.

  [DELETED] 21:07 08 May 2006

I remember that. Romania I think. Very moving stories.

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