Vast iceberg 'may disrupt ocean currents'

  peter99co 12:20 26 Feb 2010

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They say a slowdown in the production of dense and very cold seawater could result in colder winters in the north Atlantic.

Order your salt supplies now!

  Uboat 12:39 26 Feb 2010

peter its the wrong link (Chuckles) nice article thou!

  peter99co 12:49 26 Feb 2010

click here

The other is relevent to Gaddaffi post.

  Quickbeam 12:57 26 Feb 2010

I'm beginning to think that climate 'experts' are on an ego trip to see who can scare us the most.

If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, they'll only look for something else to scare us with.

  Woolwell 13:02 26 Feb 2010

"They say a slowdown in the production of dense and very cold seawater could result in colder winters in the north Atlantic."

Where did you get that from as I cannot find it in your link.

  peter99co 13:12 26 Feb 2010

They have changed the details in the link since I posted. It is a direct Copy and Paste from the original link.

There was no mention of Penguins in the original link!

  peter99co 13:22 26 Feb 2010

The 'berg is as big as Luxemberg?

Large Iceberg breaks off the Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctic Territory

A joint Australian - French study has discovered the calving of a large iceberg from the Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The iceberg, 78 kilometres long with a surface area of 2,500 square kilometres, broke off the Mertz Glacier after being rammed by another iceberg, 97 kilometres long.

  peter99co 13:33 26 Feb 2010

but on the lunch time news the Dense very cold water information was included in the item.

British "experts" do not think it will have a really big affect on our climate.

  Uboat 13:49 26 Feb 2010

It IS true! IF the waters around the world change temperature dramatically like a HUGE dump of SUPER cool water like this Iceberg it would create a catastrophic global phenomenon! Although the water would take years to melt it would STILL change things in due course! My Brother is heavly involed in the reaserch similar too this & some of the facts are very very worrying more so reading this.

  octal 14:04 26 Feb 2010

Don't read it then, I don't intend to sound sarcastic, but at the end of the day there is no point in worrying as there is very little we can do about it anyway.

By the way, what are the facts? I don't mean computer predictions, but hard facts?

  peter99co 14:21 26 Feb 2010

The original story implied that the iceberg could affect the way the current of dense super cold water which flows below and around it behaves.

It would take some years to affect us directly though.

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