Variable Parking Charges

  laurie53 09:05 23 Jul 2008

Edinburgh is to charge high pollution cars more for their parking permits than economy models.

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Interesting concept; not just a revenue booster since they are reducing the rate on the smaller cars.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:21 23 Jul 2008

and I am confident that they will also hike up the charges/taxes at the airport as planes cause much more CO2 emissions.
'not just a revenue booster '..pigs might fly. It is how you drive a car and for how many miles that affects CO2 not when it is parked and errrrmmmmm...the engine is off.


  spuds 11:40 23 Jul 2008

Our local council are complaining that they didn't get their last years budget correct. Vehicle owners are not breaking the rules more often, to the point the council are losing money on the many schemes they are using in traffic congestion and parking.

The council have praised their initiatives, and regard them as being a success. They have also praised the public for being more law abiding, but at the same time their ideas are losing money. Perhaps an hint of further fine increases pending!.

Was there not talk in yesterdays media, that three unpaid parking/traffic offences fines, would lead to confiscation of your driving licence. Looks like I will have to polish my bus pass or dubbin my boots shortly, ready for the long hike ahead.

  recap 11:58 23 Jul 2008

Watching Top Geat the other week when they did a comparison between a low emission car and the new BMW. Surprise surprise the BMW won the challenge. As GANDALF <|:-)> has said "It is how you drive a car".

  BT 17:03 23 Jul 2008

They are already doing this in Norwich.

  wiz-king 17:31 23 Jul 2008

You might have a bit of trouble finding dubbin these days, I had to go to several shops to find some when I wanted to do my boots. They all seemed to want to sell me some silicone spray 'to waterproof trainers'. As for finding any hobbs - well!

  BT 07:20 24 Jul 2008

They don't have any Dubbin but they do have lots of things that you probably thought didn't exist any more.

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  spuds 09:44 24 Jul 2008

I think my last supply of Dubbin came from a company called Field & Trek.Not sure whether Millets or Blacks would stock it.

  Quickbeam 13:33 24 Jul 2008

is that where ever you go peoples noses start twitching and they start to look around for who's got the smelly kippers in their pocket:)

  laurie53 15:19 24 Jul 2008

Funny how we can go from parking charges to kippers via dubbin in just nine posts!

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