Valentine's Day

  DANZIG 09:33 14 Feb 2010

Today is the day. Does anyone buy their beloved anything or is it just another day?

Personally, I used to buy the ridiculous teddys and stuff at the start of the relationship I'm currently in however now we just buy each other a CD or a book or something we actually want.

...and I HAVE to get a card for her or I'm in BIG trouble!

  Forum Editor 10:08 14 Feb 2010

and if I feel especially romantic there'll be a gift. This year it was a compilation of love songs I downloaded from iTunes.

The CD has proved to be a very popular choice - it's currently playing on repeat, and I've just been given coffee and special biscuits.

  DANZIG 10:10 14 Feb 2010

My other half's got me a CD I think, shes still in bed at the minute so its all a bit of a surprise.

I've got her a game for the DS and the obligatory card.

  anchor 10:44 14 Feb 2010

I got my wife a lovely card, and a movie DVD that she has been wanting. She is delighted.

As regards flowers, she says that the price increase at this time is a rip-off. "Buy me some flowers another time".

  DANZIG 10:45 14 Feb 2010

...if I bought flowers, the first question would be "What have you done that you need to apologise for?!?!?"

  Kevscar1 10:52 14 Feb 2010

Card flowers and choccies although not as much spent as I usually do

  canarieslover 10:59 14 Feb 2010

Card and a couple of new orchids for her collection.

  DANZIG 11:07 14 Feb 2010


Small bottle of JD and Fable 2!

  Chegs ®™ 11:22 14 Feb 2010

I didn't get or give a card to my other half,though she appreciated the flowers I got her earlier in the week.

  folsom 16:46 14 Feb 2010

Don't participate in this marketing rip off...

  Forum Editor 16:54 14 Feb 2010

Normally I would be the first to agree with not falling for marketing hypes, but Valentines day has been around for a very long time, and sometimes it does no harm to allow yourself to abandon logic and common-sense, and wallow in a little romanticism.

My wife absolutely loves getting flowers, and an expression of love in a card, and I imagine that she's in good company - millions and millions of women feel the same way. It gives me pleasure to do it, even though I know I'm paying over the odds for flowers.

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