Utility Bill as proof of I/D

  SparkyJack 10:33 01 Dec 2011

Having decided to make myself available as a volunteer worker- I attended an interview with the organiser complete with the usual variety of proof of I/D, driving licence. passport, recent bank statement, and 2 utility bills.

As it happens I pay the utilties on line.,so furnished two print out of the transactions - which include all all the relevant detail- plus[in my view] further proof in the fact the credit card/bank I/D had to be correct for those transactions to have taken place, But they were rejected as not 'Proof'

How so?


  spuds 10:57 01 Dec 2011

Strange as it may sound, but some organisation's refuse passports or driving licences in favour of utility bills with no photographs or information sealed in them. Apparently Utility bills are more secure, as it contains a name and address!.

You may also find that 'photocopies' are not excepted, yet some computer print-outs are. If I want to send any 'photocopies or computer printouts', to my local council, they refuse to accept them, unless I take the documents direct to the council and let them 'verify' the items.

Strange old world, isn't it?.

  T0SH 12:02 01 Dec 2011

All this proves is that all of the organisations still live in the dark ages as far as their administration is concerned

Cheers HC

  spuds 13:41 01 Dec 2011

wiz-king, your bank and utility bills might be paperless to the companies concerned, but you still have the choice to print them out.

Hence my earlier comment about my local council would seemingly have to 'verify' photocopies, print-outs and in most cases actual original documents.

Crazy at times how this whole situation might be, or get out of control. I received an 'official' request last year regarding a bank statement on a yearly account. The 'official' demanded that I sent all the monthly statements, even though I explained that the account was based on yearly returns, and only one yearly statement was issued by the bank in question. That took some resolving, before the 'official' understood the situation.

  SparkyJack 14:21 01 Dec 2011

Woolwell- and you all

A strange old world indeed

The printout did indeed contain my address.

It does seem that as much as these organisations move into the electronic world- they do not seem to trust it - Cant blame them I guess.

At the same time there was a presentation of various aspects of the volunteers procedures.

It took place in a lecture theatre with full A/V facilities, but each individual stood down on the floor in the gloom thus seen mainly in silhouette and spoke in their normal voice and thus ware largely inaudible[To mme at any rate- as I am getting on a bit- my sight and hearing are no longer 20/20 I suppose] and when one of the presenters wished to put up a Power Point show -no one new how to get it going, and it took a little huddle of three ladies prodding and poking the kit to get it going.

  Forum Editor 17:36 01 Dec 2011

I have heard numerous reports of banks and other bodies refusing to accept printed copies of utility bills, credit card statements, etc, as proof of ID.

I can partly understand why they do it, but with more and more people moving to online, paperless billing it's going to get harder to justify.

  SparkyJack 10:51 02 Dec 2011

This situation gets even stranger when one considers that in this world of proving I/D and place of domicile the only 'Original' documents produced by hand are Birth/Marriage Certificates [Death certificates the detail are entered into a computer and printed of an an 'Official' form.- also Probate forms are downloadable PDF;s to fill in and return. All else- Utility bills sent electronically or snail mail, Insurance Certificates even Tickets and Air travel E-Tickets[Itineraries] and holiday accommodation are produced by Electrostatic printing [photo copy or 'Laser' method.]

The whole issue needs a good shake up it seems

One way around this could be for the utility companys to mimic the mail type form as opposed the the simple 'paperless' version currently sent over the wires

  spuds 11:42 02 Dec 2011

Perhaps we could blame Money Laundering for this?.

But how a name and an address on a utility bill will stop it, I really don't know!.

There is quite a bit about this on the internet, but here's one to start with http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/mlr/

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