USS New York is launched

  peter99co 13:12 02 Mar 2008

new warship containing steel from world trade centre. click here new warship containing steel from world trade centre.
It also suvived hurricane Katrina

  S5W 19:08 02 Mar 2008

Judging from the dearth of replies to your post our fellow forum members are as disinterested in the people in the armed forces as the majority of the rest of the British population. It was ever thus, until Jolly Jack is urgently needed.
I wish the USS New York and its ships company a safe and fruitful commission.

  tullie 19:19 02 Mar 2008

Why do you say no one is interested,it was only posted today,this isent an instant chat room,its got nothing to do with not being interested in the armed forces,even though its not British.Maybe if everyone dident have the facility to read the news,then there wold be comment,but weve read it elswhere.

  Bingalau 19:22 02 Mar 2008

SSW. We service people always get a bit of stick from the others on this forum. They don't realise that there is nothing like service life and nobody like servicemen and women. Even our FE gets a bit of a wobbly on when we start reminiscing.

I was beginning to wonder if anybody was going to respond to this thread too. I'm not religious, but if it helps "God bless all who sail in her"....

  Bingalau 19:24 02 Mar 2008

I think it's a bit quieter today too.. Everybody must have gone to see their mums, maybe take them out to lunch etc.. I hope so anyway, you only get one Mum!

  S5W 19:28 02 Mar 2008

I said what I did because there had been no reply in the space of almost six hours whereas that was not the case with other posts on this forum. No offence meant.

  S5W 19:38 02 Mar 2008

Hello Bingalau, I understand you were a Bootneck; great mob. I was in the "Sardines Revenge Club". A bunch of men under the water squashed into a metal tube and doused in oil. Unforgettable.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:40 02 Mar 2008

Put tonights cocoa on my slate.


  peter99co 19:41 02 Mar 2008

I posted to see what reaction we would get and because of the different ingredients in the item. USA,More war machinery,9/11 and the Hurricane. The decision to graft into a warship steel from such a memorable building.I was not able to think of what this idea was supposed convey and if such a thing had been done before. I had known about bronze guns being converted into medals but this is different.

  Forum Editor 23:07 02 Mar 2008

that there is nothing like service life and nobody like servicemen and women."

Police officers and firefighters say the same thing about their services. There's no great mystery here, take any group of people and remove them from the mainstream of life for long periods, and they'll form the kind of bonds which exist in the armed forces - it's a natural product of the circumstances.

I only get 'a bit of a wobbly on' when I see the same tired old clichés being trotted out, time after time, as if service in the forces was akin to being abducted by aliens, giving you some special insight into life that's denied to ordinary folk. The services, and in particular the army, have their own jargons, and jargon word and phrases are inevitably used as a kind of verbal masonic handshake - enabling people in the know to recognise each other.

Some ex-service men and women have a tendency to assume an elitist attitude which is unpleasant and devisive, and we sometimes see it here. That's what makes me get a wobbly on. Once is bad enough, but it crops up over and over again if nothing is done to stop it.

  Forum Editor 23:14 02 Mar 2008

that I don't see any lack of response here as a sign that "our fellow forum members are as disinterested in the people in the armed forces as the majority of the rest of the British population."

What a strange thing to say. For one thing, the subject of the thread is an american warship, and its only claim to fame is that it has a few tons of steel from the World Trade Centre towers in its bow. It's hardly a piece of news that is of global importance - it's very much an american thing.

As for the majority of the British population being disinterested in the armed forces - what evidence do you have to prove the truth of that statement? I suspect the answer is 'none'.

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