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Using a mobile phone while driving

  bumpkin 15:59 20 Sep 2015

Something I was informed was illegal like speeding or not wearing a seat belt or not having proper child restraints. So it should be in my opinion but little or nothing seems to be done about it, I have seen the police using them whilst driving and I don't mean their radios. Speeding or not wearing a seat belt or inadvertenly straying into a bus lane then full the wrath of the law will descend upon you. Phoning, texting or playing games on a mobile and nobody gives a toss.

  Devil Fish 22:46 24 Sep 2015

Saw something a while ago think it was in Belgium where by as part of your test (not a pass or fail but an education ).They take their people doing the test to an off road obstacle course, its not a difficult course if you are in control of vehicle, but they ask you to drive it while using their mobile phone dialling texting checking your facebook etc the results were quite scary but the only thing hurt were cones could be something for the uk driving test to add on

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