Using Itunes voucher abroard

  Cara2 22:04 26 Dec 2011

Have redeemed an Itunes voucher for my son - he now has £25 credit in his Itunes account.

He is struggling to use it at very short notice as he goes to Malta, where he is currently living, tomorrow.

My question is, will he be able to log-in his account and continue to spend his credit from Malta or is there some restriction?

  Cara2 00:48 27 Dec 2011

Reading up on the subject, it seems the vouchers cannot be redeemed abroad - however, the voucher has been redeemed in the uk as the credit shows.

It is just a case of my son opting for the tunes he requires at this stage and using up the credit. That is the part of the process I am unsure as to whether it can be done abroad.

Anyone know the answer?

  Forum Editor 01:17 27 Dec 2011

An iTunes voucher that has been purchased in the UK must be redeemed via the iTunes UK site.

Your son should download his choice(s) before he travels, just to be on the safe side.

  Cara2 06:17 27 Dec 2011

Ah well - he has managed to spend some of it here before he leaves, so time will tell as to whether he will be able to spend any more of the credit in Malta. Will let you know!

Thanks for reply.

  john bunyan 09:07 27 Dec 2011

You can authorise up to 5 PC's per iTunes account, so if it does not work in Malta, you could downloaad here and send one by one as e mail attachment or even burn a cd to send!

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