Using GB's situation to advertise your business

  Uboat 16:20 07 May 2010

This is a bit cheeky, look to the right hand side & read what the advert for the property company are saying about GB about to leave office lol

click here

  ronalddonald 16:58 07 May 2010

i think hes faking it, him crying even though hes messed up the economy, national debt gone zooming high, hes own very mps as well as opposition mps messing around with tax payers money claiming expenses. hes gotta bloody cheek.

You know i haven't voted in the last 20 years this year i did and i voted for tory yet i still don't trust any of them

  Forum Editor 17:34 07 May 2010

yet i still don't trust any of them"

You voted for someone you don't trust - why on earth did you do that?

  Monoux 17:38 07 May 2010

"You voted for someone you don't trust - why on earth did you do that?"

Perhaps he/ she just wanted anyone but Labour -- at least he/she bothered to vote unlike many others.

  spuds 18:44 07 May 2010

I was talking to some people at our local polling station yesterday, and it came over rather well regarding as to whether the 'devil you know, or the devil you do not' provided the final cross in the box.Some people were even undecided upto the last moment. A protest vote perhaps!.

On Sunday, I had a visit from both the local MP and a new councillor, both of whom were seeking election or re-election in the case of the MP. I made the point that I would be voting for the MP (because he had worked for me in the past), but not for his party. Even he agreed that there was changes required, so we will have to wait and see perhaps!.

  Forum Editor 19:07 07 May 2010

I'm sure ronalddonald doesn't need you to explain his actions.

  Strawballs 21:21 07 May 2010

It's amazing how many people recon GB ruined the economy but seem to forget that this reccession goes back to the 2 AMERICAN mortgage lenders Freddy May and Fanny Mack that had far too many bad debts on their books and got into a lot of trouble and with the global banking system being so linked it caused a world wide reccession.

I know he thinks he is powerful but I really don't think he had that much influence on world affairs.

  Strawballs 23:13 07 May 2010

Global bust not just resticted to britain as it was between 79 and 99 I'm bracing myself for high interest rates again

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